Why did you have to sleep with her

I have been with my boyfriend for 7 years. We broke up for a year and he slept with 4 women during that time period. It hurt to know that he had done this but from the four girls, knowing he slept with one hurt me the most. I did not know her nor did I know where he met her. Ever since that day I have lost all my trust in him. I am constantly looking her up. I am watching what she is doing and who she is with. I’ve made a fake account to follow her on social media. I hate that I am doing this but I can’t help it. I hate him for sleeping with her but he wasn’t my boyfriend at the time so it’s all fair game. But I just hate him for having sex with her. & I hate myself for not being able to let go of this situation. It has been 2 years now.

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  1. Listen, I know how it feels somewhat. My boyfriend has directly cheated on me, and I was crushed, but I found out that he had been depressed and had done it to try to forget his troubles, and when people are depressed, they do things that they typically would never even think momentarily. Your boyfriend my have slept with another girl, but you might not know all the circumstances. He might have been depressed from the evidently temporary breakup. I know from personal experience that it is very hard to let this kind of thing go, but once you do, all it will do is help you, so you should just try to forgive your boyfriend, and though it’s difficult, it’s possible. Just let it go, and you’ll feel all the better when you do

  2. Dear Friend,
    You can help yourself and make yourself stop doing these counter productive things. Start telling yourself this daily. If you still cannot trust your boyfriend, it is okay to let him go. Yes, get rid of him and while you’re at it, delete that account you’re using to stalk others. Therapy might help you a great deal to regain your sense of security. In time you will meet someone new whom you can trust and have the kind of relationship that you deserve. Take care now.

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