Why can’t I hate Christmas in peace

I hate Christmas. I’ve hated it my entire life. Everything about this time of year just upsets me. My wife love it and makes a big deal about it, as does her family. I don’t want my kids to miss out on it either but why can’t people understand it’s not for everyone. I just want to be left out. I hate it, so let me hate if in peace. I’ll sit with you and watch the kids open gifts but don’t get me anything don’t expect me to be full with joy or help with shopping. It’s one BS day of year… Just leave me out of it.

6 thoughts on “Why can’t I hate Christmas in peace

  1. My husband is the same way. He is about every holiday. We no longer celebrate anything. Sorry, correction, my soon to be ex-husband. For all I did for him he couldn’t grant me my traditions. His lack of participation and consideration for the rest of us bled through all over everything in the end. My advice is at least even the playing fields by letting her neglect modern societal norms for a wife before she divorced you. You don’t have to holiday and she doesn’t have to do -that thing you love-. Win win right? Wish me luck in my divorce!

  2. I think a good way to solve this is if you stop Christmas from coming in the first place. You’re going to need a sleigh, a bunch of empty bags, a dog with an antler, and a Santa Suit.. and some green facepaint.

  3. Christmas isn’t for everyone. I don’t like all the holidays. But I do try to lighten up once in a while and participate. Im sure your wife and kids would love it if you would participate too. They love you and that’s what Christmas is all about.

  4. I understand and relate. I spent thr majority of my childhood in either fosterhomes or with over religious relatives that pretty much kiled the holiday for me. On top of the fact that it’s originally a pegan holiday but the Roman church upended all holidays and found religious equivalents to wallpaper them over with during the rule of Constantine…

    I what other people are all about with this season, be it religious or secular. I just hate it. The consumerism, the greed, the cold.

    To some degree, with how much it’s plastered all over the place and in your face once Dec 1st hit, you should be able to hate out loud. Enough to balance it out.

  5. Prince,

    I understand. … all the tacky decorations, false cheer……..

    Bob does have a good point — joy to the world, the King has come!

    Wishing you much peace as we all need it this time of year and always!!!

  6. You evidently don’t really know what Christmas is to be about, and I feel bad for you, having been misled, or misleading yourself. Prayers and hope you’ll come out of this funk and that, before it’s too late. Christmas will be what YOU make it.

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