people suck

I hate people even though my profession kind of dictates that I like them. I like being alone; by myself and happy.

4 thoughts on “people suck

  1. I don’t like being alone at all. I have no choice. I do have 2 sweet little dogs though and if not for them I would have not warmth from another living creature at all. I hate this, I can’t believe that after all the love and care that has been put into my children that they treat me like I barely exist. Their father died young and they never reminisce about the great times we had as a family at all…just like the last 34 years never happened…it tears me up inside. This can be a very cold world.

  2. I pretty much only hate the kids and teens that actually LIKE this messed-up generation and add on to it.
    And I also hate racists. And sexists. And murderers. And bullies. And robbers. And America’s future president (D.T.). And anyone else who is considered bad.

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