Life isn’t worth living

Life sucks when you lie to everyone. Sure, it hides what pain you have but if you lie long enough, you start to forget who you are. I hate life. What’s the point if you’re going to die in the end? I started smoking to speed up the process. Hopefully it works.

3 thoughts on “Life isn’t worth living

  1. I’m faking too.
    I know what you’re feeling.
    There’s a gut feeling that doesn’t seem right.
    You can’t even sleep.
    I’m sorry.

  2. Hey.

    I had the exact same thoughts at some point of my life. Now I know that life is worth living. It’s your choice — to live it or not. But the time you have is limited. And the world around you is, well, enormous. There are lots of things to experience. Being alive is great experience itself.

    There’s only one chance.

    If you won a lottery, would you spend the money or just throw it away?

    Think about it.

    And live for yourself. Your life is only yours.

    Be happy, dear.

  3. I do especially agree with you when you said “What’s the point if you’re going to die in the end?”.
    And lying what you pain you have? Same. People think I have it all under control. Someone even told me “No, you are perfectly fine, not mentally ill!” after I told her I’m mentally ill.

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