I failed my driving test four times already, I don’t want to do it anymore, but my family is really wants me to do it so I feel like I have to do it. I have to pass the test before August or I have to redo everything, all over again. I don’t want to do this text, I feel like I don’t wanna drive anymore because of this, I feel anxious when I even think about practicing or rebooking my test, let alone how I feel about doing the test again. I just want to pass this stpuid test and for it to be over with.

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  1. Aren’t driving tests stressful! Joe is right, read the driving test manual over and over and practice your driving skills more with a licensed driver so you’ll not be so nervous. I flunked my first test…the instructor told me to go home and come back when I had more confidence in my driving abilities. Kind of hard to hear but it’s no big deal. LOT’S of people fail the test. “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again”. You’ll get that precious license, you’ll see.

  2. You can pass the driving test but you may have to study harder and start having faith in your driving ability. See if you can learn to do some meditations to calm yourself concerning it or see a hypnotherapist who can help you to get at the root of your anxiety about driving and fear of failure. You can also drink chamomile or green tea to calm your anxiety prior to a driving test. Here’s wishing you success. Others have done it and so can you!

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