I wish my sister was dead

I honesty hate her ,my mom always says I’m overreacting but I hate her from the bottom of my soul,she’s always doing things to purposefully hurt me or get me into trouble .I didn’t ask for her to be here ,I’m 17 and shes 14 sometimes I wish my mom would of miscarried her along with the others .one time she caused so much trouble I was close to suicide .she’s a poison and she acts innocent in front of others when she’s with me she tells me she hates me too.

4 thoughts on “I wish my sister was dead

  1. Why not speak to your Mom and you all, sister too, get into family therapy. Sibling rivalry can get really ugly but it is not worth harming yourself over. Learn also to stand up for yourself. Individual therapy would likely help you a lot.

  2. Quite the same, except it is my stepsister of two years younger and she acts like she own the place and I hate the stress she caused my family and her mother when she first lived with us. I couldn’t forgive her when she returned. I seriously considered murdering her, yet this sadly remained as a fantasy.

    But damn, do I hate her.

  3. I have the same problem with my brother. Once he went for a summer vacation camp. The week was a week of silence, and consideration for me. I know my brother hates me. I know am not the best sister ever, but sometimes he enjoys hurting me at my weakest point

  4. My wife’s sister is like this. Your sister will pull this off for awhile and then eventually lose friends and be in shitty relationships. People figure it out. Nobody likes an asshole. You’ll be okay. She probably needs meds. Take the high road and set a good example.

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