i hate my husband

He’s a douch bag is a cheater and I will cheat on him back some day and leave him for a hotter guy. Loser

9 thoughts on “i hate my husband

  1. maybe your not giving him what he needs in the bedroom? Sounds like you dont have sex with him because hes not “hot” enough for you shallow hal!

  2. you can cheat on him, but you won’t find happiness there either. Vengenece won’t make u happy. And it will just show the world that you are the same.

    You should be better than him.

  3. dont cheat on him sister….. take him for every penny he’s worth ; )
    dont for one minute think you have to get him back by playing his game, just clean him out.

  4. He never fails… to disappoint me, but I’m not really in a position to leave…even though I’d increasingly like to.

  5. Truth: Yeah, I just don’t understand why on earth he would want to cheat on you, you are such a pleasant girl with deep feelings and emotions not even the least bit shallow.

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