I hate my Dad

I’m so sorry, but I hate you, Dad. Please don’t always discourage me. Please don’t bear in your mind that I must do what you want. I’m not you, Dad. I’m on my track and I know what I should do. I don’t want to live your life. I hate your business. I hate the way you’re cheating on mom. I hate your worse cookings. I hate all the things related to you. And living in this house is like living in hell. I have to turn a deaf ear to your every insulting words. Studying is not a bad thing and I will never quit it just to take over your business.

2 thoughts on “I hate my Dad

  1. It’s good you’ve given yourself permission to break away from him and his poor behaviour. Your life will only be better for it.

  2. I certainly hope that you can somehow let your dad know how you feel. This though is a good start for you. Therapy might also help, and focusing more on your life and your relationship with your mother and other supportive loved ones.

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