I absolutely hate him

Everyday he tells me im shitty. He tells me he wishes I was dead. I have kept every single thing he has said or done as a grudge I dont care he is the shittiest father in this entire universe. If you had him as a father you would want to kill him as well

6 thoughts on “I absolutely hate him

  1. everyday i have felt the same exact way for as long as i can remember.even as far as the killing thinking to protect myself. i held a wrath towards his existence… and we cant do that. i still hate him. but honestly? through the shit and horrors he put me through. i just. delete him from my mind. i know the hate it there. but i supress it and allow the “he is noone tht=at i knowe” mindset set in. “he” is just there. i don’t have a father. but just do not let your anger with him weigh you down, its a burden you don’t need. <3

  2. I am thinking you xxx. The fact that you do feel anger toward him is healthy. His his abuse is not a reflection on you as a person (hugs).

  3. You have to understand this: He is a failing father and those are the things failing fathers say. Your real father sent his only son to die for you, so that you could be with him and everyday he see’s you as a beautiful gift to himself and the world. His son’s name is Jesus Christ and his father is your father and his love for you is unconditional and can never be broken. Believe this and be happy that our father in heaven is this. He is love

  4. If you’re old enough, why not move out and away from your terrible father. If you are a minor, ask your mothere or another adult in your generational family to speak to your father in order to stop the verbal abuse. If no one will help you, call the police the next time he starts yelling at you. You don’t deserve this and shouldn’t have to live around anyone disturbed because they are your father. Take care now.

  5. I hope you find the strength to stand up to stand up to him. All fathers should be protective of thier children. Good luck and think smart!

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