Hate my students

Not all of them, just the ones fake illness or injury. Those who dont take no for an answer. Those that their parents never taught them manners. Those who come to school everyday and ruin the learning experience for kids who actually want to learn. Those that feel they are entitled and that rules dont apply to them. Those kids who always have the compelling need to always be first in line. Those kids that come to school use resources then leave mid school year to go back to their country.

6 thoughts on “Hate my students

  1. Being a teacher is difficult. period.

    You do what most parents cannot and commit to teaching kids an expanded and necessary curriculum they need to succeed. You are building a foundation for success for these kids and parents don’t always express the gratitude they should.

    As a parent, I want to say “Thank you.” My kid may be the one who doesn’t take no for an answer, or the one who always wants to be first in line but knowing that every child has attributes and faults I send her to school everyday hoping her teacher will find her attributes to be strong enough to overlook her faults.

    I hope in her resistance to “no,” her teacher will find an innate curiosity – not just a difficult streak – and explain to her why “no” is the correct answer. And if her desire to be first in line comes from wanting so hard to succeed in something – even if her grades are not where we want them to be – I hope her teacher can see this as a shot at success – however small it may be. Yes, rules should be instilled and order should be respected. i hope you take a moment to see it for something a little more than it appears on the surface. Although I know this can be hard when you have 30 kids to assess daily.

    Thank you good, caring teachers. The ones who worry about these things.

  2. a lot of those students probably dont wanna be there in the first place. and kids who fake illness/injury are probably either desperate for attention or trying to get as little time in actual school as possible. schools a miserable fuckin place

  3. I’m not a teacher but I have to deal with teenagers at my job and some of them need some discipline.

    Persevere my friend!

  4. And you call yourself a teacher?! You should be ashamed of your attitude toward your students and mature enough to address and get rid of your prejudices. Do yourself and the system a favor and get a job that requires you to be prejudice, and judgmental toward others. Students deserve a better teacher than you’re capable of being.

  5. our school is full of teachers like you. i want to ask you just one question: you knew what young people are like, why did you become a teacher anyways?

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