Hate being a mom

I am depressed. I hate being a mom. I also hate being a stay at home mom too!

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  1. Alisha says:

    I’m a single mom so I can understand how u moms feel. But my biggest question is y the hell r women on here who have no kids? Y are they sayn anything or even searchn this site? Get a life u childless women or better yet have a baby and then come back and tell us how happy u r after having a child

    • wtf says:

      If your message is directed toward the women here telling mothers how dare they hate being moms because they would give anything to have a child, then I understand your frustration, but if it is also addressed to those childless women who come on here looking for reassurance that they are making the right decision, then you’re way out of line. They only want to make sure that there’s nothing wrong with their decision or with them for that matter, because let’s face it, society judge women who are child free by choice and they have to deal with that everywhere they go. If anything, more child free women should come on here and read the heartbreaking posts.

      • Alisha says:

        First off if u lookn for an answer online about not having children then u have issues. My statement goes to any women who are on this site that don’t have children especially the ones that have hateful words to women who have children. Don’t take what I say personal if you are child free. But since you did……to me it’s sad u are searchn a site where women who are stressed disappointed hurt need help on whatever feelings they have from being a mom. I would never go on a “child free” woman page and say anything bout any one. That’s their choice not to have children. In fact b4 I had a child I never searched online if I should or shouldn’t have one. If u have to search online for ur life answers then u can’t think much for yourself then.

        • Beth says:

          Wow, Alisha, so by that logic, nobody should ever ask for opinions or advice or find out what their life might turn out to be if they make a particular decision, because you didn’t and you think it’s ‘sad.’

          That makes zero sense to me since I research just about everything from which hair dryer to buy to where to go on vacation. It’s called informed decision making. OF COURSE I would look to see if there is anyone who is unhappy that they decided to have a child, because it is generally portrayed as the expected, happy family thing to do once you get married. But having a baby isn’t for everyone, even if it is the life script. It is one of the biggest, most life-changing decisions to make, and I wish people more thoughtfully considered it and found out the ramifications. In fact, I know how much daycare costs in my area, and I remind my mother-in-law of that anytime she brings up babies. :)

          I have been following this thread for a long time, and I have read zero hateful things written by Childfree people. If anything, we have been supportive of those women who are frustrated in their role as mothers. It is other moms who have said some unsupportive things about fellow moms. I understand being a mom isn’t sunshine and Polaroid images all day, which is one of many reasons I don’t want children but fully support those who have kids but feel regrets sometimes.

        • DJ says:

          I’d take you more seriously if you actually typed English.

          • Sophia says:

            Wow this is hardcore I don’t have any kids but you can’t assume that we all hate on mothers who have problems yes we don’t understand why you hate it because some of us want kids.

        • Maeve says:

          Now, I’m childless by choice – and I never wanted women. What I am doing here is: Reading, what others think (and I didn’t comment on anything so far).
          Since I can think about it people tell me “You will change your mind”. Nobody did EVER say this to a girl or woman who WANTS children – but here are my arguments for the next discussion anyone is going to put on me about how I will regret it: There are mothers who regret it and there are women who wanted children and changed her mind.

          We all have no idea what we are going to miss or not… we have to make a choice. And it’s possible that WE ALL ARE REGRETTING afterwards. And it’s possible that we aren’t. That’s it. So, no, I don’t have an issue. But maybe the people I have to collect arguments for because they don’t believe me when I’m just telling them?

        • Paula says:

          I’m in my late 20s and deciding whether or not to have children. I am not judging anybody, I am seriously considering my decision.

          It is very unusual to hear people say they wouldn’t be a parent if they had the choice over. I am keen to know if that is because 100% of mothers are happy, or because any unhappiness is still worth it, or if actually people just feel ashamed or guilty to say it is not worth it in public.

          I love children (and have worked as a nanny in the past), but I have many other things I wish to do with my life that I may need to sacrifice so I want to be absolutely sure child-rearing is right for me.

          I am just on here to listen to the other side of the story.

        • Clayton says:

          >If u have to search online for ur life answers then u can’t think much for yourself then.

          This is an extremely stupid statement and you should feel like an idiot for typing it. Especially coming from someone who didn’t even pay attention in elementary school.

          Searching online before making HUGE decisions is never something to feel weak or stupid about…

        • jennyjen says:

          I am childfree, and what brought me to this site was simple.

          I am not particularly maternal, or broody…yet people seem to feel compelled to tell me (regardless of knowing any back-story) how WOOOOOONNNDERRRFUUULL!! it is! How we are selfish, and will die sad and regretful if we don’t capitulate and have a baby! How our marriage will fail, how we are not doing out civic duty by producing more merry little workers. How we can not know love until we reproduce.

          Sh*t like that stings. And it is hella patronizing.

          It makes us (CF) question our decision…or at least feel like we had better research and think about and truly back up our deep unshakable feelings. What if we ARE wrong somehow? Also, we hear one thing…and in front of us SEE the total opposite…miserable, stressed and lonely moms. We see the good stuff too…but all this being preached at,and thinking it over, and all of this pressure…well OF COURSE we start searching the internet for things like “regret having kids?” or “unhappy moms?” because we feel like we are being sold a short story…something in the milk aint clean here. And we know it.

          Does this mean we are judging you or gloating or hating your baby? Jesus…of course not. We (or I) DO feel a little vindicated, finding sites like this…sort of like “SEE! I KNEW it! Babies DON’T fart rainbows! People ARE unhappy doing this! JUST LIKE I KNEW I WOULD BE IF I DID IT TOO. SO STOP PRESSURING ME!!” And…just tell the truth! No one will think you are a bad parent if you confide what we all can guess anyways: This not as great as I thought it was going to be.

          Maybe YOU would have made a different decision (less kids? CF? Waited longer? Did it earlier? Required more from the man you chose to have a baby with? More prenatal testing? Genetic screening before getting pregnant? etc.) if someone told YOU the truth, not some shite about how “your life will be complete and you will be suffused with joy.” Maybe YOU feel grouchy that no one told YOU what the reality was gong to be.

          That’s why we CF are here…we just want to grasp the reality of the situation.

          And if anything… it makes empathy ring through me like a bell. I empathize with the sad Moms…because I sort of dodged a bullet…this would have been me too. And I post on here from time to time because I feel like MY position is misunderstood. I am not a selfish babyhating

          I come back here for reassurance sometimes, because as I push 40, people are chiming in (especially my M-I-L) with something near to hysteria…HAVE A BABY!!! NOW!!!and I *** back here to simply remind myself why I so carefully came to the decision did. Enough badgering and guilt tripping and I can feel the confidence in my decision wobble a little (almost entirely because I feel so bad disappointing people I love very much by not reproducing…not because I have any waves of broody-ness)and so I read a few posts here and go…

          “Ah. Yes. That IS why this is not for me. If these articulate and successful women are driven to near panic with stress and despair…good god. What would I be like?”

          • Keli says:

            Even above 40, if you ever want to have kids, there’s always adoption, it’s a biblical choice too. :) There’s no real limit on when, it’s just do you want to, or have the money to… It’s always a personal decision, not anyone else’s.

        • sadie says:

          it’s not sad to want to look at all aspects of a serious life decision like motherhood. the fact is, it’s not all smiling laughing babies and feeling fulfilled, it’s an experience in which you will feel every emotion imaginable. there is actually a big difference between reading what another person has to say about something and using their input to fine-tune what you know about a subject and blindly accepting what you read as ultimate truth, although you seem incapable of distingushing the different ways a person can collect and utilize information. it’s just being rational and thinking critically, it’s not that difficult to understand.

    • Brenda says:

      I am 36 and childfree by choice.

      I am just here because I want to research my choice, this is not the first time I’ve done this, I’ve been researching all the time for a long long time. I’m just a natural research kinda person. I research everything, even what shoes to buy.

      Just lately though my mom and I talked about it again. (Having kids) She and I have very different opinions. That’s why I got to researching again about this topic and I found this site. Your comment is the first one I saw.

      I am not here to poo poo moms. I wish all moms in the whole world all the best, I understand that it is tough. So please don’t get mad if I am here reading comments because I don’t hate moms.

    • DC says:

      I totally understand! Being a mother is one of the worst or the absolute worst decision that I MADE! No one, but me! I’ve held that in for 18 yrs.

    • Foster says:

      I would give anything to be a mother, Hard fights, sleepless nights, or not. I have a condition that I cannot have children, I undertand frustration though as you are by yourself raising a child. My wonderful brothers share their 4 children with me almost everyday 1 newborn 1 8 months and 2 at the ages of 6 and 7 and I take them for days at a time all by myself, It gets hard but I wouldnt change it for the world. Every mom has that thought at the back of there mind that is frustration and like they just want to cry and give in.

  2. Heather says:

    Alisha… Childfree women are on here for one of two reasons:

    1) They are wise and researching the downside of being a mother before making a decision. They are actually making a decision rather than just getting pregnant on accident or because you know… first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage.

    2) They have decided to not have children and these posts are provide comfort in knowing that we made the right decision.

    You’re tone is really quite rude and ignorant. As a women raised by single mother and helping raise a step-child raised by a single mother half-time, I can guarantee you we have a life – career, disposable income, travel, and free time to research conscious reproduction.

  3. Heather says:

    Heather… sorry… you sound like you really need help. Please leave the man and the baby… for their sake and yours, and just get a nice little studio apartment, a job you like, and be independent and man-free for a while.

  4. bulletdodger says:

    wow. what can i say. i’m of childbearing age and my aunts, cousins and mom have been asking me about my plans of having children. i’m not even married yet but it seems they can’t wait to have a new addition to the extended family, so screw marriage–is their logic. to be quite honest, i have always found babies and toddlers adorable and never had problems babysitting them for hours on end. believe me, i can’t count the number of times i have undertaken the task of looking after my cousins’ and friends’ kids if only to grant them a few hours of time to stroll around shopping malls without having to drag their uncontrollable ADHD children. at the same time i never believed i could handle caring for one 24/7. i typed in “regret being a mother” and this page was linked by someone on one of the pages i browsed, by the way. i was scared that if i decided to have one i would immediately regret it. after all i’m not ready to give up my freedom and career. so i searched for answers via the internet. and here i am.

    but i do admire your honesty, guys. all around me my mommy friends, cousins and colleagues seem to be enjoying their lives immensely, at least on the surface. some of them would relay their hardships but at the end of the day their kids are their little “pieces of heaven”, their “greatest blessings”, their “happiness” as if telling the world that all their happiness is encroached on their kids, as if with no regrets whatsoever. i always doubted the genuineness of that but now i know it’s genuine for some but not for all of us.

    i wish it gets better for all of you; i really do.

  5. Childfree Navy Guy says:

    I am almost 30 years old, I have been wanting to get a vasectomy for a while now, but Navy protocol (at least at my command) says that I have to be either married/divorced, have at least 2 kids, and 1 of them as to be a boy. The obvious stigma is “you might want kids in the future.” This site has given me a bit of comfort in knowing that mindset was correct that there -are- those who chose to have kids but regretted it. I could only imagine the amount of flack any of you would get if you made a public statement (where you identified yourselves) about regretting having kids.

    I work in a hospital, so I get a pretty good glimpse of the crap that parents have to go through. It seems like each day I work is its own form of birth control. My biggest motivations is my personal comparison chart.

    Person A makes 30k a year and is single.

    Person B makes 30k year and has kids.

    Person A gets to live it up, buy frivolous things things, travel to new places, spontaneously do things he hasn’t done before, and live essentially a debt free/stress free life.

    Person B is 1 missed paycheck away from financial ruin, can’t see most of their friends because of scheduling issues, hasn’t been on a decent vacation in years. Friday nights consist of things that your kids want to do. Your dating life turns to crap because nobody wants to deal with YOUR kids.

    I keep hearing from older people that I “have to grow up eventually.” Well, I certainly enjoy what’s going on in my life, and I don’t see the need to make it more “fulfilled” by having kids and adding unnecessary responsibility.

    Good luck to all of you. I know I certainly couldn’t do it.

  6. Lola says:

    I’ve known since a very young age that I never wanted children and for a while this was difficult for my husband to accept because he felt (along with family pressure) that it was the right thing to do. I continue to face harsh criticism and judgement from the majority of people when I tell them that this was a choice but I have learned to let it go since they are the ones who have a problem with my decision, not me. At times they can be relentless, spewing out every reason in the world as to why it is so important to reproduce. What I find most interesting is, these are usually the same folks who are the most stressed and miserable in their role of motherhood in real life, but yet, the life they portray on facebook or other social outlets is all lollipops and roses. A friend of mine who is a new first time mom is going through a very tough time and private messaged this site to me and another friend because she could never outwardly admit to others what she is feeling. Do you think that social media outlets like facebook set an unrealistic expectation for mothers? My heart hurts for her and many others on here who have to suffer through this experience in silence but at least this is here for you to vent. Just wish that one day people could be honest about the reality of life without being judged. Wonder what in the heck that world would be like. Hang in there, all of you, and may there be peace in your heart and balance in your lives sometime soon.

  7. SadLucy says:

    Me too.

  8. Heather says:

    I so identify with the sentiment of loving kids but not the job of parenting. I don’t think it is selfish to hate dealing with often CRAZY moods (mine/theirs) 24/7. Not only is parenting hard, it is the only job where you are judged harshly if you don’t “enjoy every moment”! Really?! Even the the screaming, pooping ones? Just checking.
    Also, what is up with the “if you didn’t want kids, you shouldn’t have had them”. Thanks for the Monday morning quarterbacking. Have you ever gotten into a job that you really wanted only to find it was HELL because of the demands? Can’t fire myself here.

    Having had three kids in 3 and 1/2 years, I have learned a few things. In the hope that this may help someone even a little, here goes… 1)Don’t expect your friends with only one kid or one kid every few years to “get it”, they don’t. Likewise, those mothers who have family nearby to babysit for free at the drop of a hat. Their parenting experience is light years different than yours (and mine). 2)Become good at knowing how close to the edge you are and walk away. No child ever died from crying. 3)As much as having even more kids around can suck…trading a few hours of alone time for babysitting with another mom can make life bearable. If the kids are two or older,they might even entertain each other a bit. 3)Regardless of how you feel about church, a lot of them have a mother’s day out program once a week. Worth looking into. They also have Vacation Bible School in the summer that usually lasts a week. 4) The YMCA will watch your children for 2 hours/ day while you work out (or just sit in the hot tub) (or take a looong shower). Yes, you still need to be in the building, but it helps. They discount membership based on financial need. 5)If hubby or MIL or any resonable adult is in range, suddenly remember that you are missing a key ingredient to tonight’s dinner or tomorrow’s breakfast or whatever and jet. You coming home an hour later looking sane is all the thanks they’ll need ;)

    Those are some of my best tricks. My youngest is now three and it DOES GET EASIER in many ways. Be encouraged.

  9. Chelsea says:

    Wow all these comments make me appreciate everything my mother had to go through in raising me and my sisters even more. I seriously don’t know how she did it. She divorced my dad because he had a serious drinking problem and then fought like hell to get sole custody of us. We then moved to a new state and completely started over.

    She gave us such a wonderful childhood and now that I am older and married I am really beginning to realize all the hell she went through raising all of us as a single parent. I feel so guilty about all the crap I put her through growing up.

    My husband and I have recently made the decision to be child free and I couldn’t be happier. To all the struggling parents on here just wait until your kids are grown and understand what you really had to go through to raise them. My mom doesn’t know it yet, but this mother’s day we are sending her on a cruise. :)

  10. charline says:

    Hey. I’ve been reading this thread for a while now. I really need to speak to someone about this topic because the pressure I feel is not making me sleep at night anymore. A bit of me: 33 (going 34 this year and I can’t believe how quickly time has passed), very young looking (I’m asked for my ID always and get the shocked looks) but 33 all the same. I’ve gone back to living with parents two years ago part because I started a business venture and had to spend my money on it rather than rent, part because my dad is sick and I want to help him as much as I can. I’ve never felt maternal or wanted kids and I still don’t. I lived with this older guy when I was 20 and we talked marriage but he shot himself in the head after 2 years. Then I dated someone else, again wedding talks but he left me for someone younger (I was 25). After that I dated casually but never pushed anything that didn’t happen naturally and I still live by that philosophy. Unfortunately, call it time/nature/whatever I fear extinction, being forgotten, alone and depressed and possibly being found dead in my apartment 6 months after my demise. All of this because I’ve decided not to have kids. I forgot to mention that at this moment I wouldn’t have any money to raise any and that I’m an only daughter, so I’m the only one in my family who can carry on the (not so indispensable but young-looking) genes. I feel the pain of you mothers, but at least you don’t have to worry about death and loneliness when you get older. Family is always a comfort. I don’t know, I’m confused. Sorry for the long message.

  11. just another sob story says:

    I would like to start of by saying I’ve done everything right…i got pregnant at 17 finished school got 3 jobs worked my ass off even tho i had no where to live other then friends houses baby’s father is a waste of space I’ve gone back to college bought a house got a good job promising career to raise this child i try so hard to put on a smile and make them feel loved but everyday it just gets harder and harder to pretend, it takes everything i have not to run away and everytime i drive through the forest i think i could just turn my wheel and have it all be over withbut i know i brought this kid into the
    world and I’m the only one who will take care of it…i feel awful yes but i do what i have to i just wish i could see the good part… see child raising ad something more then just another awful chore as i said I’d want my child to feel unloved but i more and more frequently find myself did
    thinking if i didn’t have a kid… I’m just trapped And i wish i could just slip into a coma…i would never hurt him i take responsibility for my actions but im just so tired…

    • lovely Sadie says:

      I understand u so much I feel like I’ve lost my ***************** am no longer who I use to be I don’t have any free time I’m just so burned out

  12. Annie says:

    I think there’s nothing wrong with deciding not to have children.

    Some women just would rather not be mothers. I think there’s nothing wrong with choosing to have an abortion, or choosing to give your child up for adoption at birth if you really, truly do not see yourself as mother material.

    What I do think is horribly, horribly wrong is to have children and then chronically resent them, blame them for “ruining” your life, and make their little lives a living hell by punishing them every day for having been born to you. That’s just sadistic, cruel, and inhuman.

    I was born to a woman who secretly confessed in her therapy journal that she felt pressured into marrying someone she shouldn’t, felt pressured to have children, and then hated and resenting me in particular (her firstborn) for having “anchored” her to my father.

    Surprise, surprise: as it turns out, my mother was seriously mentally ill; she had borderline personality disorder. A hallmark trait of personality disorder is to never take personal responsibility for your own decisions, but instead to always blame others.

    Of course if my mother had chosen differently, I wouldn’t be here now. But still, I wish she’d had the humanity, the compassion to either give me up for adoption at birth or the courage to seek therapy. Instead, she “fed and watered” my younger Sister and me, but her resentment and disliked of us leaked out, on a daily basis.

    Mother’s thinly-masked hatred and resentment showed itself as frequent, intense emotional abuse, physical abuse and emotional neglect; it messed up my Sister and me pretty badly. It really does a number on a child’s head to tell the child “I love you” and then treat the child in very unloving, even cruel ways.
    Sister still has big blocks of childhood amnesia; I coped by shutting down my ability to feel my emotions. We both still have some PTSD symptoms, but they are lessening with age.
    My mother is deceased now; for the first time in our lives, my Sister and I know what peace feels like.

    Please. Be courageous. Just admit, “I really don’t think I want to be a mother, after all” and give your baby to someone who does, very much, want to be a parent; someone who has the skills, the temperament, and the level of mental health necessary to be a good-enough parent.

    Every child DESERVES to be wanted, to be loved, and to have good-enough parents.

    The crime: the unforgivable crime, is the hypocrisy.

    Hypocrisy is having children you actually resent, dislike, and mistreat (lying to the child: saying that you love your child but behaving in horrifically unloving ways toward the child IS mistreatment; its called “mind-*******”) while claiming the honorable title of “Mother.”

  13. anon says:


  14. Anonymous says:

    There’s a great Facebook page called “I Regret Having Children.” Check it out.

  15. I understand says:

    I understand completely. Its refreshing to read that I am not the only one who does either. If I could go back and do everything over again I would have chosen a completely different path. I used to have that maternal instinct but for some reason its like it just disappeared. I cant stand being with my kids. I dont want to be a housewife and clean up after everyone anymore. I am so sick of being alone so much. From the outside it looks like a have a good life and alot to be grateful for…but inside I am dying. I only want to take care of myself. I am just so unhappy inside and everyday is a struggle to try to push on. Everyday I just say to myself “One day I will be free…one day”. I fantasize about just leaving my family and running off. I hope it gets better. For all of us.

  16. One day It will get better I hope says:

    I understand completely. Its refreshing to read that I am not the only one who does either. If I could go back and do everything over again I would have chosen a completely different path. I used to have that maternal instinct but for some reason its like it just disappeared. I cant stand being with my kids. I dont want to be a housewife and clean up after everyone anymore. I am so sick of being alone so much. From the outside it looks like a have a good life and alot to be grateful for…but inside I am dying. I only want to take care of myself. I am just so unhappy inside and everyday is a struggle to try to push on. Everyday I just say to myself “One day I will be free…one day”. I fantasize about just leaving my family and running off. I hope it gets better. For all of us.

  17. Julie says:

    I love my children very much. What I hate about being a mother is their idiot fathers. I know my children and I would do better if I had the money to move them far away from their poor-excuse-for-a-man worthless fathers, but I don’t have the resources to do that. So, for the childless women doing research – make sure that you absolutely can financially afford to parent on your own if the father becomes a self-serving idiot. And you just never know…ALWAYS BE PREPARED.

  18. KayC says:

    I never thought I wanted children when I was younger, but then in my late twenties my bio clock and hormones must have started to go crazy. I began a relationship with a man who already had a son from a previous relationship, and I thought, yeah, I can do this… I can be a mum…. The when I had my own child, I realised what a mistake I had made.

    I am simply just not maternal enough. I don’t want to be around my child all the time. I prefer lying in bed, going to work, watching films and going to the gym, hanging out with my friends, going out to dinner, intelligent conversation, reading books. i dont really like kids anyway, why was i so blinded and weak to fall into societys trap. I just did not konw myself well enough back then, i have made a mortal and incorretable mistake. Its all my fault, i can own up to it, but now i just want to find a solution that will make my sons life better as well as my own, my partners and everyone around me. the latest thing is that My partner now wants to move his stepson in and for me to look after him as well. I am saying hell no and moving out.

    What I really want to do is to give up custody of my own son to my partner, but I secretly think that he wouldn’t want that because he likes going out to work and spending time with his friends and going to parties etc. and he’d prefer to just have kids every other weekend unless he’s got someone around him full time (I.e. me!) to look after them all the time. But I think I would be a better part time parent because he’s actually better with kids than me and me seeing my son every other week is fine, and that way he won’t pick up on my negative vibe. Should I just come out and say that I don’t want my son to come with me when I move out? He’ll think I’m a monster, I probably am, but I have learnt that I hate kids, and everything about them, motherhood isn’t for me. Or maybe I should threaten him and say that I will call social services and say that I hit my son, then I will be banned from seeing him altogether and then he’d have to look after him 24/7 well see how he likes that then!

    God it’s good to get this off my chest. I need to decide what to do about this in the next few months or so. I certainly want to get sterilised very, very soon too. I should have done it in the first place. Mea culpa! It’s all my big stupid fault. Sometimes it would have been better if I had died before any of this all happened.

    • K says:

      I think your story is a perfect example of why the “choice” of being without kids needs to be out there. Sure your bio clock may have been ticking but had you been confronted more openly with the reality of raising a child instead of the “its all unicorns and rainbows” philosphy that seems to be shoved in our faces you may have no made the same decision. I feel for you lady and I am sorry you are put in this position. I don’t have kids so saying this is kind of pointless but, try to make the best of it.

  19. Ariel says:

    Dear I hate being a mom, I so understand where you’re coming from, being a parent is a hard job and once we have the kids we might hate the job. Cuz I hate it too at this point, and I can’t have kids.,, long story. U have my support!

  20. Georgina Eliot says:

    Dear Jennyjen,
    Your posts echo some of my own experience and emotions. I too never wanted kids, and said so when we got married (my hub said same for him)–and then 4 years into marriage hub suddenly wanted them–bad! After 3 years of hellish discussions (torture), I finally buckled: I started doing fertility treatments to try and have a kid–50% just for my husband b/c I love him like crazy, and 30% because I suck at earning money and was terrified of divorce. The remaining 20% was me convincing myself ‘it’ll probably be great…like everyone says…you’ll get into it…’ But all the while 100% of my subconscious, and my gut, were screaming DON’T DO THIS; YOU DON’T WANT THIS; YOU’LL BE MISERABLE AND RESENT THE KID. It’s made me sick: I have horrible acid reflux and have to be on meds to have a normal stomach function. Ironically, a symptom of GERD is a hugely puffy stomach–which often makes me look as if I’m 5 months preggers. The fertility treatments have finally come to a close: they failed, and when I found out I involuntarily pumped the air with my fist (I was alone; found out on the phone), while my husband is devastated. Now he wants to try a donor egg or adoption, but now I can put the brakes on and not risk losing him. He knows I tried hard to make his dream come true, even though it literally tore me up inside, and he’s very, VERY grateful.
    I wish you so much luck and love in figuring out your situation. Talk it out with therapist & BFFs, but don’t torture yourself for years like I did (which makes you sick). Just make your decision and stick to it. HONOR YOURSELF and your desires. The alternative is a rough road.

  21. wendywidget says:

    I think its really healthy to know your own mind and heart about becoming a mother, its really important to choose one way or the other ahead of time. Not every woman is wired for the psychological aspects of motherhood, and that’s normal because not everyone is the same. I chose to remain single and childless, I knew that I didn’t really want to be a mother pretty early in my life.

    I think its great that some women really do want to be mothers because they genuinely like kids, actually enjoy the little sticky kisses and constant neediness when they’re babies and enjoy watching their child grow up into an individualized adult. My younger sister knew that she wanted to be a mother; she was a single mother to her son, who is now an adult and a really great guy. (I do love being an Aunt.)

    However, I do think that it is terribly and tragically wrong to have a child when you are ambivalent about motherhood, to decide after the fact that you truly hate being a mother, but then for God knows what reason, to decide to keep the baby and not give it up for adoption.

    Every child deserves to be wanted and loved to pieces. If you really can’t stand being a mother, but your child is already more than a few months old, PLEASE realize that you have chosen this obligation and are now honor-bound to be the loving, tender and nurturing mother that is every child’s birth-right.

    Unless you try very hard to be loving, your child will pick up on the fact that you don’t feel any attachment or love for him or her and it will seriously damage the child’s emotional health.

    I know, because I was raised by a mother who actually hated me. She blamed me for “chaining” her to my father. I grew up with a broken heart. I never understood why my mother never seemed to want me around her, and I never understood why she was so angry and irritable with me all the time. She made me afraid of her because she would literally scream at me in rage and hit me, and then she accused me of being a “cold, unloving, rejecting” child. I was basically punished for existing. Mother almost neglected me to death when I was a year old, I needed emergency surgery due to dehydration. I grew up deeply depressed, anxious, and with zero self-esteem, and afraid to trust anyone.

    Please don’t do this to your child. Please either give your infant up for adoption or get your child a good nanny, or let your child be raised by your parents, or something, anything, that will provide the child with a truly loving caregiver who actually wants him or her, someone your child can bond with, love, and trust. Its essential for your child’s mental health to be genuinely loved and wanted, by somebody, even if its not you.

    I hope this message is not deleted.

  22. […] where there have been thousands of responses – most of them commiserating – to a woman who posted “I hate being a mom,” back in […]

  23. huckleberry says:

    Every day I wake up wanting to scream.

    Take care of toddler….work for eight hours…come home and take care of toddler and put her to bed… I have no down time. I want to stab myself in the face most of the time. I’m so frustrated. I just want time for myself. I used to be able to actually relax, and read, and have plenty of time to write, and actually go out and have fun.

    And I get so frustrated with my daughter. I hate it. She’s such a sweet heart. She’s a doll. I love her so much. We’ve been struggling with potty training for, I don’t know, the last year! I’ve tried EVERYTHING. She’s stubborn. We talk about it. I asked her one time if she wanted to be a big girl and be able to wear big girl undies and go to the bathroom by herself and she scrunched up her nose at me and said NO!!!!


  24. anonymous says:

    I think what you moms are doing is commendable. I just wish other moms were as honest as you all are. I personally think it takes a lot of courage to admit that motherhood is not all it’s cracked up to be, so kudos to all of you!

  25. Mary says:

    I think it’s honorable and brave that all of you mothers on here are being honest and really telling the truth about your feelings. All I ever hear about is how wonderful being a mother is, or the “it’s hard but I’d never change a thing”… I am 33, no kids, and over the years my interest in having children has gone from yes to maybe to we’ll see how both me and the future husband feel to no… Absolutely not. I have no desire to have kids, I have no patience and I’m too selfish with my own time and my relationship with my boyfriend, who, thankfully, feels the same as I do. Thank you all for your candor, as painful as it is, because you’re doing the best you can, and as a bonus can perhaps dissuade others from having kids and regretting them as well… For me, you’ve cemented my feelings, and I am grateful to have read these intimate testimonials from you. Good luck, and I wish you the best.

    • Keli says:

      kinda the same… no patience, no time,too stressed out with managing my own life, how would I manage someone else? :) LOL… But I’m happy.

  26. Cemin says:

    I’ve been reading this thread for days and am SO GRATEFUL to you all. I don’t know what happened to me recently.

    I’m 42 and don’t have a maternal bone in my body. Never liked anyone’s kids or babies (even when I was a child) – an only child from a BIG family of very fertile, non-maternal women who tended to get pregnant at 16 and see it as a disaster. Moved far away to big city and all my friends caved in and had kids in their late 30s, changed massively, now bore me to tears. I’m an introvert and I cherish my own time.

    Yet because I have no immediate family (died) and had the BEST parents, I have always thought I would one day recreate the ‘bond’ with someone else…by having a child. Always ringing in my ears: ‘But you don’t know what it’s like til you have your own!” ‘There’s no other love like it!’ ‘It’s the hardest and most rewarding job ever!’

    To the point where I got my eggs frozen five years ago at great expense and discomfort. Now I have a great house and job and the best, most supportive, but much younger partner, I started taking risks. Kaboom – pregnant. CRIED. And CRIED. And CRIED. Devastated. Felt as if my life was over. Grieved. Felt I’d lost myself. Repulsed by the physical changes. Felt buried alive. Trapped in my own body. Tried to get hit by cars. Cried again. Considered suicide.

    Ended up having an early termination this week. I still don’t know what hit me. I now feel immense relief (with sadness) but STILL worry that I will regret it. How awful am I to reject this ‘gift’ I was given that other people pray for?

    I normally have no fear of going against the grain, so WHY have I fallen for this all-pervasive ‘Motherhood is EVERYTHING’ meme? Is everyone lying? Do they really love it? It seems like the sacrifice of everything for this intangible ‘bond’, these fleeting moments, smiles…a lifetime of worry and responsibility for no thanks.

    This thread is amazing because it involves a lot of women who actually WANTED children. I didn’t and still ended up thinking I did. I will read it and read it because I still think there’s a risk I could end up in the same situation again.

    THANK YOU wonderful ladies for your honesty. I hope you all find happiness and that you ARE rewarded for all the care and attention you give so freely. X

    • K says:

      Don’t feel bad bc you didnt want something others do. You can’t be responsible for their lives and choices and they don’t need to be responsible for yours. I totally know where you are coming from but its the logical equivalent of saying “don’t throw your leftovers out bc a child is starving in Africa”. Well, if the solution to that or lack of fertility was that easy- we wouldnt have those problems to begin with!

  27. […] but how many women feel like they can be honest about that?  It appears that lots of women either hide that feeling or try to shame themselves into feeling […]

  28. Keli says:

    Honestly, I am 28, I love life, I love dogs, and I enjoy kids, but I would never actually want to have kids of my own. I think they’re a nightmare at 2, or at teen years. The only time I like hanging out with kids is around 7 or 8, when they’re fairly inquisitive. I don’t have kids or dogs, but I like volunteering for PAWS, Animal welfare, or for Boys and Girls Clubs, just to be the “big sister”, Or to volunteer with American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

    To the original poster, I do hope you’ve started enjoying life. <3

    • Keli says:

      and by “nightmare”, I mean screaming kid… it’s rather frustrating being hyper-sensitive to noises, but that’s how I am around kids.

      But all the more respect to those who want kids and still care for them.

  29. Keli says:

    This is just making smart decisions. :) All good things, All good things! -Olaf

  30. Annie says:

    I’d like to do a sort of informal and short poll, if any of you would like to participate, that would be great.

    1. Did you feel coerced or pressured into becoming a mother, so that you had a child or children even though you knew in your heart that you didn’t really want to ?

    2. Before giving birth, did you have a completely different idea of what being a mother would be like (you thought it would be easy and fun) then after having a child or children, did you feel let down or tricked by the reality of child-rearing?

    3. Did you have a child with a man whom you have grown to dislike, fear, or even hate, and would like to get away from?

    4. Does your child remind you of someone in your life that you dislike, fear, or hate, such as your abusive mother or rejecting father, or your spouse, or someone you feel jealous or envious of, like a sibling or a cousin, etc.? Or, does your child remind you of things about yourself that you don’t like or feel ashamed of?

    Thanks for participating.

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