I’m a barber. A good one. I’ve been doing the job for a while. But I hate doing f****** chavvy skin fades. The blokes who ask for them are fussy and obsessed with their image, even though they go out looking like a complete twat. They need a pair of underpants to go with the haircut to compliment the nob-head look. I need to find something more purposeful in life. And I’m sorry to post this here having read some of the serious problems people have. Just wanted to vent my feelings. God bless you all.

4 thoughts on “CHAVS

  1. I agree they look like knob heads. I cross the street to avoid those ugly twats cos I don’t want to breath the same air as them. They’re the same ones that spit on the street.

  2. I’m sure some guys would still brag they look good dressed up in a black bag if it became fashionable. No unique style at all. Sorry for your dilemma

  3. Try to make the most of what you’re doing now but keep your focus open to other possibilities. Why not do a vocational assessment and see what else interests you,
    and then get going on it. Good luck.

  4. A fellow Brit I’m assuming? My son has that hairstyle and I swear he is begging for a slap. It’s not attractive and quite frankly it looks pretty disgusting. I’ve asked my son to either shave all or none.

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