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  1. I get what all these people are saying..
    but you gotta tell them. Your whole family can’t keep on living a lie. It’s just wrong. If your family is loving eachother very much.. you’ll all work your way around it. Besides he’s gonna find out soon enough.

  2. These people are really judgemental, don’t worry about the negative stuff people say! So, you’re human, big deal! I see no reason for telling your husband. No good could come from that. It’s actually selfish to ruin his and your child’s life just so you can get some guilty secret off your chest! It is what it is, cherish them both!

  3. Anonymous Slut said on 03 Jan 2009 at 10:15 am # Quote

    I truly an jealous of open marriages … your so lucky to find 2 guys … wish i could find 2 women.

  4. If there’s love and commitment, then your husband is the real father. My husband and I have a happy open marriage and my extramarital trysts have produced us with two daughters.Thier father has both watched and listened in on thier conceptions.

  5. wow, first of all, ask God to forgive you, then ask Him to give you the strength to forgive yourself. This could take years. For me, I would keep my secret until if & when the time comes where the need to share arises. Such as medical issues. Until then, love her & love your husband and hope for the best. take care.

  6. Because of the complicated health issues that can arise, if you truley love the baby (<—not manipulaation a statement of fact) then you MUST tell your husband. Also you should have used a rubber, my goodness are you a bimbo?

  7. Wow, that really sucks, but I can see where you’re coming from, so I don’t think you’re a bitch for withholding this information. After all, you wouldn’t want your husband to treat her (and you) differently should he finds out. Or worse, he may have a bad reaction to this little piece of news (after having been lied to for 7 years)

    I have to say though, the truth will come out someday, and I think right now, while you can still control the situation, you should tell your husband the truth, before he finds out on his own or from someone else.

  8. This might sound horrible, but I really don’t think you should tell him. If he thinks the child is his and you guys are happy as a family, keep it that way. You don’t want him to treat your girl differently because you messed up.

  9. Well it could be worst. If youre a white couple and the baby turns out black or vice versa.

    Hell you can’t say for sure unless you have a DNA test done. We have to assume you were having sex with both men and unless your husband is totally serile……

    In any event what good does it do to feel guilty about it? Families consist of more than biological expression. If there is love and commitment then let it go.

    But remember you OWE him one and he ever fails in the fidelity dept he has a get out of jail free card and YOU HAVE TO FORGIVE AND FORGET!!!!!!!!

    As Jerry Springer would say take care of yourself and each other!!!!

  10. thats horrible..how can u do that? forget how you’re feeling, what about your husband? and worst of all, you just had to go and bring an innocent child into this. thats just sad how some people can be so selfish

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