Killed gf’s dog… maybe…

Years ago my girlfriend moved in with me. She brought her dog which was old, had chronic body oder, and was mean. It tried biting me a couple times, always growled at me, and eventually bit a kid. One night I had enough so I staryed spraying wasp poison at it to spite it. The dog was biting at the stream and injested a large amount. It got sick and acted odd. It foamed at the mouth but eventually recovered, but was never the same. About five or six months later it started defecating blood and died the same day. I think the poison damaged its organs and it finally caught up. I have never told my wife, but I do feel guilty for it now.

2 thoughts on “Killed gf’s dog… maybe…

  1. I think it was nothing to do with it. Fair enough if it was the next day. No use beating yourself up about this one. Dogs can get sick from so many things and they are tougher than you think with poisons. I’d say let this one go, it wasn’t you. It was an old, grumpy dog and it passed away. The end.

  2. That’s a horrible thing to do to someone’s beloved pet. It’s a horrible way to die as well. You’re right, that’s on you. There were other, better ways you could have handled that situation. I hope you will do so in the future.

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