I wish my cancer had killed me

I had cancer within the past few months. It looks as if surgery alone took care of it. Sometimes I wish I had died from the cancer because I feel like I ruin people’s lives around me – my husband’s and my family’s. It would just be easier to be dead.

10 thoughts on “I wish my cancer had killed me

  1. be thankful your alive.. my mother has had cancer 4 times and is still alive and i know to this day she could not be more happy to be sharing her 1st grandchild with her only daughter, (me). love your life bc some people dont always get the best one.

  2. Whaaaaa?? No! Your thinking is all messed up my friend! Your purpose in life is not to make things easier for everyone else. Our purpose is to love and serve others!

  3. No one ruins another’s life like that. If you are gone, i am sure that those who loves you will be terribly upset. There must be a reason why you are still in this world. Make full use of it.

  4. It’s hard when you see loved ones suffering for your sake but the reason that they are willing to go through that is because they love you. Look at the bright side and see this time given to you as a chance to spend time with them and show them that they are important to you. That is probably why they are willing to ‘suffer’ because having more time with you is valuable to them.

  5. Cancer can come back so don’t wish to hard. Hope you don’t ever get it back and never have to know what my dad and aunt are going through as Cancer eats the bones and rods have to be inserted to support them. And the pain… the pain.

  6. You are here for a very good reason and have a wonderful purpose in life. You just have to open your heart to accept that. I know that life is hard, but we are only here for a very small time, our time is just borrowed, so just try to make the best of it, ok. I pray for you.

  7. Are you serious? There are other ways of dyeing besides cancer. If you really wanted to die you would have made it happen. Be happy you have a second chance at life. I am sure their are many other people dyeing of cancer right now who would give anything to be in your shoes.

  8. Maybe there is a reason you didn’t die. You should think about using your life to help others. Think about how you have a second chance now to improve your life.

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