I hate myself for having cheated.

A few days ago, I slept with a male friend while my husband was out of town visiting relatives. It only happened, once, I swear, and I did not intend for it to happen. I didn’t set out looking to cheat. We’d had a little to drink, and it just happened. I that doesn’t excuse it though. Now, I feel incredibly guilty. I can’t even look at mine and my husband’s bed without getting sick. I love my husband and never planned to betray him. Now, I’m wondering if I should tell. If I do, he may leave me. I wouldn’t blame him if he did.

I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about what I did.

6 thoughts on “I hate myself for having cheated.

  1. You should just put this behind you and move on, do not tell your husband. We all make mistakes so stop beating yourself up about this. You are happy in your marriage so why ruin things about this and why upset your husband. Just move on.

  2. Honesty is the key to any relationship. If you keep this to yourself , 1 Your guilt will drive you insane and away from him. 2. As the years pass by, The uncomfortable feeling will get worse as well as your depression.
    3. After the first two happen and continue The relationship is doomed.

    Wouldn’t you feel much better to trust your partner to forgive you and you forgive yourself and Make sure the actions that you took that enabled the cheat in the first place are never reproduced.
    If fact be honest with yourself and diagnose exactly why your actions were as they were. If you can’t be honest There can be no relationship and no way you can live a happy life.

  3. I have to agree with the other poster, you need to be honest with yourself and your husband. The moment you had a man over and started having drinks with him while your husband was away shows this wasn’t by chance and didn’t” just happened”. You invited him into your bedroom ,you have to have had some prior attraction to him. Admit it, you wanted to f*** him and you did, you may feel bad now but probably more because you are worried your husband will leave you rather than the actual fact you slept with another man in the bed that should only be for your husband.

  4. I do love women who say “i never intended for it to happen” “I did not set out to have sex with him” I just cant explain how his cock ended up in me.. Seriously! Give us all a break and just be honest with yourself. That’s what this site is all about.

    Millions of women world wide have drinks with men and “Somehow he ended up in me”

    Do the right thing and tell your husband. If you don’t then this definitely defines the type of woman you really are.

    Do let us know the end result.

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