Attraction to little girls.

After coming into this site and reading some of the confessions i thought that it might help me to tell somebody in the world about my problem. I think im attracted to little girls. I have never touched one or laid a finger on one before but i always seem to get horney around them.

I know it is sick, and i can recognize that, and i honestly believe that i have strong enough morals to never harm or to touch little girls, but that is what gets me off.

I have looked at pictures in the past, but have never touched a little girl ever.

I think that what is wrong with me is that i completely understand that it is wrong, but what scares me is that once i get horney i cant stop. I try to keep things to my imagination, once in a while on the computer. It is not until afterwords that i feel any remorse.

I know that this is sick but i dont think that i can tell anybody. I dont know why i am not attracted to girls of my own age? Im 19, not bad looking, i have a good paying job, my own house, and i am getting 3.9gpa in my university program.

This is the small bump in my life that i cant seem to get over. Any advice?

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  1. Really you people make a fantastic point by telling us your story and opinions im doing allot gor research for a class in colage and i think its also verry important for you as a victim of someone elses bad choices to know that u are todally in controll of your self as a wonan now and that u will take care of people around u from that happening to them u have to be stronger emotianally also as a victim because you as a person with a scaring experience can speach for victims now as i write this so it can be prevented and stop completely. Mostly as a theraapy its so unhealty to keep negative mixed with something so comon as your personal sexual life now as a powerful woman. and even in the future the key if i may say is knowing that it wasent your mistake never will be therefor you are surpass a bad period of ur life. Than is learni g to love yourself to recognised our atrebutes and talents and get in touch with our own body learn how to take care of your own needs sexually by ur self in ur own personal time for wen the time comes to be intimate with your present or future partner you can be ready physicaly and emotianally and not disopoint your self and or your partner. Sex its a physical and mentally action intented only for two things reproduction and organic emotional and physical pleasure. If u dont know how to have fun try it again over and over untill u get it right it can do miracles to ur emotional state as a person to know that u are strong as a lion and u have licked ur wounds and gotted passed your difficultys and you can now live without fear. Your welcome for who ever i can help u can take my advice and live life free or be stuck in a ditch without helping yourself out. On the other side or the table for those people going trough phycological illness of these time i would advide to get to know the other side of the worl to actially try and be a normal person you chose who who want to be in sosiety a productive member or a spick a skum thats the lowest of the low its a cold wold and you resive what you give so think really wise about your actions knkw that what u are doing is putting ur life in danger and the truth always comes out its better to keep your twisted toughs to a limit and pls dont take actions in your sick toughs because everyone in the usa no matter the rase deffend and raise the kids in america as one big family and we will do whatever it takes to keep our kids safe and happy and get in between anyone tryng to harm them. God gless your nobel souls and those who are not well you better live in fear or your sinfull actioms. Theres still allot of people who care and will deffend the defenceless.

  2. Well I think we all have the power to reprogram our brain. It takes daily practice. Every single day you need to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself your not attracted to little girls. Really try to believe it. Everyday it will become easier to believe it. Also think about what females your age have physically. Tell yourself your attracted to boobs and booty. It will feel weird at first but if you want to change you MUST do this! When I was 6 a 18 year old guy did things to me that destroys live for me. Sex is a scary thing for me. I struggle to make love because it’s always on my mind. I’m now 24 still trying to get past it. Please don’t make another girl go threw what I’m going threw. It’s really bad. I get suicidal very often. I even tried to follow the guy home to kill him and his family but then I cried and turned the car around. Remember consistency is key. Do a little practice everyday I know you can do it! Put check marks on a calendar to see how far you’ve come! Good luck!

  3. First off I’ll tell you I have very little patience for pedophiles. You are a closet pedophile and it’s going to get to the place where you WILL act on it and completely ruin a little girl’s life. You better realize that when it you do act on it you will be in prison for many, many, many years…..and if there is one thing other prisoners hate (so I have heard) it’s a child molester. You’ll have lots of fun with that buddy. Get help. I have nothing else to say to you.

  4. I suffer from the same issue since around the age of 12 i lusted really young girls and eventuañly the attraction never went away i havent acted on anything thank god and im nearly 29 but it still bothers me with or without self control and yes i was a victim of sexual abuse when i was a child and i probably would never admit any of this to anybody face to face basically i just live in my own misery and date females thats legal but with little girl ways and looks

    1. I myself was messed with at 9 to 16 I knew it was wrong and bothered me because it was a man. But at the same time I liked the feeling. I eventually started looking forward to his night time visits I am messed up sexualy I like young girls I think because of it I’ve never or would touch a child but I fantasize about it

  5. Sorry to say this but, it isn’t a phase. Especially if you are not attracted to any girls your own age. Maybe you were a victim yourself and don’t remember because you were too young or you blocked it out of memory. But I think these feelings you have are a part of your sexuality and the only thing you can do is see a therapist and keep your hands to yourself. Good luck

  6. Hi there guys thanks for all of the constructive advice. I am building the courage to go seek help. Since the night that i posted this i have been “clean” so to speak. I think i finally broke down one night, posted this, and decided enough was enough, why ruin my life over this.

    Noelle, to answer your question, it was more or less pre pubecent. I know its sick, but i really feel that its done.

    To the reply above, I know that i have things lucky, and i should be very happy for what i have, and i am starting to realize that.


    I am not really a spiritual guy, but what you said really touched me. Thanks so much for believing in me. Because of you i think that this phase is past. I may still go seek help, but you have to understand im the independant 19 year old, ive got to get over my ego and get whats necessary done.

    Thanks everybody,

    -Random Guy

    1. I’m a woman and I just wanted to say that fantasies aren’t illegal.

      I have some really sick fantasies that I relieve by role playing and imagining but have and never will act upon.

      There are plenty of women that fantasise about being raped by their daddy or older men and in their minds their still little girls.

      These women would be happy to role play with you and you would be surprised how you can get lost in fantasy with the right person…it is very satisfying.

  7. you have done a very brave thing in admitting what you have admitted. It is the first step – of many steps. Your heart is crying out for help, don’t let this guilt enslave you because these things are not you, you are being enslaved by something unseen. Honest, truth and light are the first steps towards freedom from these thoughts, and because they are not you – once you get rid of the root, freedom is possible.

    I don’t know if you believe in the spiritual realm. It doesn’t matter if you do. Not believing in air doesn’t cause it to not exist or affect your life. It is the same with the Spiritual. What is affecting your thoughts in this evil to harm a defenseless child is not your own nature, but is demonic influence. I am not saying you are possessed and there is no need for you to be frightened.

    I do not have shared experience but I have experienced the spiritual realm and I can sypathise.
    Basically as I have experienced it there are two options. We can live without God and be “free” – when infact that means that we are defenseless against the demonic realm. Demons are evil Spirits which try to keep as low a key as possible- they give us evil thoughts, prompt us to do evil actions – all without us realising that it is not us… and if you allow on to posses you they can fully control your being – at this point of extremity others who know you will realise that it is not you and that you are controlled by something outside of yourself.

    there is alot of watered down crappie Christianity out there.. but if you go to the red letters in a bible – the words that Jesus spoke you will realise that because of our enslavement to Satan – to a small degree (thoughts) or to a large degree (possession) this is why Jesus came to earth, a blood convenant to buy back our right to relationship with God, to see Captives to demonic power free.. Jesus said I give you authority in my name to cast out demons – to prevent their influence to set captives free… alot of the church/christians are not doing this.. Im sorry I can’t just direct you to your nearest CHristian and they could help you. Although authority has been given many don’t function in it.

    Basically, Jesus has the power to set your mind free from those thoughts.. would you like that? Then pray (talk to God) and say Jesus take my heart, Im ready for you to be in control and not these rogue demons. Ask God to receive His Holy Spirit – which enters us to influence us to do good and then ask for a strategy to get rid of these buggers. You will have authority to drive these thoughts out. To be free from things that your heart desires where not there. ..

    its an inward battle..
    Im not a normal “Christian” saying – Accept Jesus and be the same..
    Im saying Jesus is a bad ass warrior who loves you – your person, your heart enough to die for you – crazy right.. you are the apple of his eye.. he created only one you and has no other to take your place… and He has already beaten these guys… get on His team!

  8. I’ve been there before, the difference is that im a girl. the urges will eventually catch up… and it’s horrible when it does. im only 18, but ir happened when i was younger and didnt know wrong from right. it happened as a retaliation to what had been done to me. as much as i hate to say this, youre going to have to get some help with this. its the best thing to do. if you ever wanna talk about it, im here. just reply to this and i will be there for you.

  9. You have got to seek professional help for this. Major props to you for recognizing you have a problem. I know that counseling is scary, but you have got to do it. If the urges get too strong (and they will) then one day you will act on that, and it will be too late.
    I pray you get the help you need before you ruin a child’s life and your own. Looking at pictures is already going to far. Child pornography is illegal and if you get caught your life is over. Not too mention a poor child’s innocence has been taken from them and they are being used and exploited.
    PS do you have a history of sexual abuse? These things usually repeat themselves with the victim growing up and becoming the abuser.

    1. He obviously isn’t talking about teenagers. He said LITTLE GIRLS. 15-16 is young, but hey aren’t children anymore. You don’t magically spring from childhood to adulthood at the stroke of midnight on your 18th birthday haha

  10. First of all, possesion of kiddie porn is illegal. Secondly, get some help. Go see a pshyciatrist. Thirdly, if you must relieve yourself, keep it in your imagination. And I hope for your sake you keep your word and don’t ever act out. You will RUIN a little girls life forever. Think about this the next time you get horney and watch kiddie porn, that is someones baby. Someones daughtere. Someones life.

  11. Well, for starters, just a heads up… REAAAALLY try and keep it in your imagination, because having possesion of kiddie porn is illegal where I’m from. And did you ever think about going to a phyciatrist or getting some professional help? Because getting turned on by little girls is a problem. Good luck with your struggle, and I hope you’re true to your word and never take action on your desires.

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