8 thoughts on “abortion

  1. Were you alone in it all? No one else there? I have a daughter, now 35. She got pregnant at 15. I forced her to have an abortion. She never got over it. Were you alone in this? I doubt it. There’s enough blame to go around baby. Maybe someone can take some of yours. I know I deserve much more than a 15-year-old girl does…but she carries it far heavier than I do.

  2. In no way do you deserve to die. If you had an early term abortion (mostly likely), you did not terminate the life of a child, you terminated the life of a fetus. A fetus is not viable and cannot live on its own. If you truly feel this way, please seek help. ::hugs::

  3. No; you don’t (deserve to die). God is a God of mercy & forgiveness. There is no sin of more weight than for which Jesus died to pay for it. Your sin has been covered and “forgotten as if in the deepest sea” according to Scripture, IF you believe in Jesus as Savior. That’s the good news for one and all.

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