Thrown away after being used up, again and again, ‘Friends’ are a make believe fairy tale

Once again I fell for bullshit and trusted someone, someone who called me their ‘soulmate’ and said they couldn’t make it thru a single day without me, yeah….such a sucker, dropped everything to be there for them at all hours of the day and night, missed work, lost friends, blew all my money plus half of my retirement to help this friend, stole from my father…..and out of the blue, they change shifts, tell me as an after thought, only been talking to me when they want or need something, can’t help me financially now that I’m broke….I’m a f****** idiot, when my dad notices his money is gone I will be homeless too, and this “friend” used me and threw me away without a second thought. So I hope her boyfriend keeps cheating on her and she can feel what it is to think someone is there for you and always has your back, she can find out what it is to be used by someone you love and thrown away without a care. I keep having thoughts of walking out to the lake and killing myself, so tired of being used and thrown away. For 35 years it’s been the same story, be it boyfriend or bestfriend, used….then thrown away, put up walls to stop anyone getting close to me, one eventually gets thru, and repeat. I hate myself because I have betrayed the only person on earth that I know actually loves me and cares, my father, and for what? I hope she hurts, I hope she looks back and realizes she deserved all the hurt he caused her.

5 thoughts on “Thrown away after being used up, again and again, ‘Friends’ are a make believe fairy tale

  1. You do have to stop allowing yourself to be used and abused. A true friend would not do that. A true friend might need your help during hard times but they would be there for you during your hard times. A true friend doesn’t use you and drop you. As adults it becomes harder to make true friends. I might suggest when the next opportunity presents itself for friendship, go slow, take it cautiously and see how it develops. Also, learn to enjoy your own company. Take up a hobby. Join a group that does something you enjoy or would like to learn to do. (I play board games and have met many new folks just going to board game nights.) You do need to face the music with your Dad. Before you do, come up with a plan to pay him back or work it off and when you talk to him, let your plan be part of the conversation. Good Luck! And hang in there.

  2. Your not a ***** jerk or an a hole. You made some bad decisions. You were wrong for taking from your Dad but you have to face the music. Don’t be surprised if this shlepp tries to come back to you. It happens. Start a new. You have to change. There probably is someone out there you but you just don’t see and keep taking on the wrong guys. You should start with your Dad and be honest tell him what happened. Start by taking care of that and yourself.

  3. You’ve been through so much. Hopefully things will somehow work out for you. You are great friend with a generous heart.

  4. You are making some poor life choices. You won’t be happy until you stop blaming others for your misery and mistakes and grow up.

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