“Thank god” rude.

My husband and I want a baby. When I got my period, my “friend” said “thank god you aren’t pregnant. I mean can you really afford a child”. Yes you bitch. We can. Her words won’t go away and now I’m worried what she will say if i get pregnant. Its been a month.

8 thoughts on ““Thank god” rude.

  1. She’s just jealous. Having a child I’d your choice. Stop caring about what people say and live your life for yourself.

  2. She’s thoughtless and rude and possibly jealous . You go after your dreams and don’t give a flying duck what she thinks. It’s about you – not her .

  3. Honestly, to me it sounds like maybe you need to chill a bit. You could be overthinking. Your friend probably thinks of you as a FRIEND and so doesn’t check every word that comes out of her mouth. Some people like to just let loose with friends and just spew shit. Sounds like you might be a bit too sensitive. Your friend probably ultimately doesn’t give nearly as much of a shit as you think.
    Just a first impression. Could be dead wrong.

  4. Forget about her. If you don’t think she can support you through thick and thin, try to cut her from your life. Don’t worry over what ONE person could possibly say about you. Their opinion doesn’t disturb your life because you’re in control. Hope this helps.

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