My life sucks

I hate adulthood. I went from being surrounded by friends in high school and college to suddenly having none in university. Those same friends I used to spend time with seem to have abandoned me and don’t even have time to answer any messages i send them although they have time for everyone else. I hate my job, I like school but can’t muster up the motivation to do schoolwork because I work too much to be able to afford school in the first place. My whole family thinks I am loser, and even they don’t want to spend much time with me. I have no luck with men and am still a virgin who has never even been kissed.

9 thoughts on “My life sucks

  1. You can’t depend on the approval of people for your happiness. If you depend on other people to validate your worthiness then you’re setting yourself up for heartbreak. The fact of the matter is that most people suck once you get to really know them. Just knowing that fact is half the battle.

  2. At your point in life, I was miserable and depressed. It’s tough. Work hard without being a slave, be kind without being gullible and take pleasure in life; sometimes those things are fleeting and hard to notice but they are there. Things will get better.

  3. My life sucks too in some ways. I think everyone’s does to one degree or another. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you’re the only one. Spend a moment to think about people you know. Are their lives perfect? What challenges have they faced? Have they gone through rough times too?

  4. Pretty much the same story here, kinda depressing. But hang in there KA, you can meet awesome people in the weirdest places. Maybe you can try doing somerhing new this week?

  5. Dear Friend,
    Please make use of the college counseling center at your university and find a good therapist who can help you with your problems. It sounds as if your life needs more balance. Take good care.

    1. Are you sure your family thinks your a loser? Have they said that themselves, or did just one person say that and you take it as the gospel truth? You certainly don’t sound like a loser to me. You are a college graduate and even going further than that 4 year degree. You need to like yourself and know your worth even though the world can be a cold place. True friends are hard to find and sometimes the minute the going gets rough “friends” are no where to be found. Their loss, not yours. Counseling can help, just make sure you have a good therapist and not a PSYCHOtherapist.

  6. Continue working hard and you must focus on your studies…it will pay off.don’t worry what other people think about you for long as people are around they will always have something to say. What matters is what you think of yourself .Set goals in your life and work towards achieving them .Remember people walk in and out of our lives ….nothing in life is guaranteed. As for being a virgin ..I am proud of you. One day you will find that special someone.

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