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I have two groups of friends. The sporty and the nerdy kids. My nerdy friends absolutely hate me because I just started hanging out with these sporty, popular kids and insist they are beyond a doubt bad for me. I just wanna go die in a hole and cry because no one understands how difficult it is to juggle two different types of friendships with two different types of groups. 😭

4 thoughts on “My Friends

  1. You have a right to both sets of friends. Maybe try not talking to much about the other set when you’re with one or the other friend-types.

  2. I completely understand. I am into K-Pop but I’m also sporty. So, I have a group of friends that are really into K-Pop, much like I am. They are absolutely amazing, and I find that I hang out more with them than I do with anyone else. But I miss my sporty friends, so I try to find time to hang out with them. Much like you, my sporty friends are extremely popular. My K-Pop friends are completely fine with me hanging out with them. My sporty friends, not so much. They completely hate my K-Pop friends solely because of the fact that they like K-Pop. I’ve brought this up before and will continue to tell them that I am friends with them, and it doesn’t matter whether they care or not. If someone can’t accept the fact that you want to branch out and be a social butterfly for a bit, so be it. Good luck, and for the record, I’m not friends with my sporty “friends” anymore and my K-Pop friends are one of a kind.

  3. The ones that make you choose are probably most likely to betray you or leave you later in life. They clearly don’t understand you or have your back 100%. Make it their choice but if they leave and don’t come back it wouldn’t be the worst thing. Be with positive people that make you happy.

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