My Fault

My deepest regret was not telling my friend that I loved her. We had so many classes in college together. We were perfect for each other, we both grew up in poor and abusive households, we were both Finance majors, and we were both very compatible with each other. My other friends would always ask me why I was not dating Taylor. I didn’t have a good excuse of why we weren’t dating.

Our final day together, before she graduated, I bought her charms for her James Avery bracelet. A diploma for graduating and a T for Taylor. She loved them. I had hoped to buy them for her and tell her that I loved her. And that I’ve loved her for at least a year. But, I did not have the courage too.

I recently tried to contact her via text and email and have received no messages back. It was my fault. I wish I had told her how I felt after all.

One thought on “My Fault

  1. This pain you are in now, the pain of regret, is it wise than your fear of rejection?
    If it is, then
    try harder,
    Find her, send her flowers every day for a week that include letters declaring your regret, your love. Something creative that lays your heart right out there.
    Be willing to make a fool of yourself if necessary.
    If she rejects you, you will deal with that, but my friend, this regret, it’s going to burn in you even when your 38, 48, 58 and beyond.
    Every woman should have someone who has gone to great lengths to declare their love. Every woman needs that memory when she’s 38, 48, 58 and beyond.
    Be willing to be that guy, that memory for her, and maybe you will be man.

    Every woman needs two questions answered,
    Am I lovely
    Am I worth fight for
    Answer those questions for her.

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