My Close Friend is Getting Married

And I don’t feel jealous of the man (he’s ugly) but he shows no interest in being friends with me. I don’t know why, I was the one who got her to do online dating in the first place. They wouldn’t have met if not for me! It’s all happening very quickly and I guess I’m afraid of losing yet another woman to “marriage land” because all these women think that IF I CAN JUST GET MARRIED EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT. yeah, right. I think I’m jealous that at 40 years old she can still get daddy to pay for the wedding. My father is dead. She just seems to get EVERYTHING: apartment bought for her, father pays mortgage, mother buys clothes for her…and my family is dead, nothing comes easy to me. I wish for just this time in my life things would come easy to me. I really do.

6 thoughts on “My Close Friend is Getting Married

  1. nobody has it easy, not you, not your friend (even if it seems like she does) not anybody. your problem is that you sit there feeling sorry for yourself, and you never do anything to make your life better. forget about her, shes not the problem, shes not the reason you feel like this. the reason you feel like this is because you need to pick yourself up and go get what you want out of life, and stop thinking so much about what other people have.

  2. Envy is fine when kept in perspective, but it comes from selfishness. Worry about your own life. The rain falls on the good and the wicked alike / grass is always greener / etc. accept it, and chart your own path.

  3. Dont be so down on your life. Every life has a purpose, its not that your jealous it seems your confused why her life seems to go so smoothly and your’s does not. I am in the same boat, entire family deceased, struggling to get by and sometimes I wonder why my life is like this and why my friends have it so easy (I am the same age as you, have my own place struggling and they all live at home with mommy and daddy). There is no direct answer to this but think about your life what you have done. What you are to yourself and others. I have realized I may not have much but people are still jealous of me for the dumbist of reasons. I also like who I am compared to all my friends. Hang in there and realize everyone has a purpose and try to look past all the drama and find out who you are. Best of luck….

  4. You dont deserve friends let alone a partner with that attitude. All your email is saying is me me me, instead you should be happy for your friend that she met someone nice, and stop acting like the maytr, instead you should be glad your friend took your advice.

    He may have sussed you out for the nasty selfish person you are, who would want to be friends with someone who makes nasty comments behind their back and is controlling of their friends?

    It is sad that your family are dead, but life isnt easy for anyone regardless if they have family alive or not. You need get things for yourself and stop comparing yourself to other people. Your need to start first in changing your attitude and thinking about you want and how you will work towards getting it. If you are insecure about losing your friend why not try dating yourself or go out and join clubs to make new friends. The more people you get out and meet maybe you might start liking yourself and liking others.

  5. I hope that things will be get better for you too but may I suggest that you learn to be a friend. Friendship has no obligation except love, support and respect. Friends should be happy for each other. If you can’t be happy for your friends, you might find yourself without them in the future. Think about getting into therapy in order to explore why you have such insecurity about your friend’s good fortune. Learn to focus on building your life and getting out of it what you want. You aren’t losing a friend to marriage – you are possibly gaining a whole new support system. Take care now.

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