My best friend’s fiance has a sketchy past…

My best friend, (23) got engaged after only about 6 months, to a 37 year old. They are already getting married next summer. I wouldn’t have a problem with it I hadn’t heard really sketchy things about him. I have heard from numerous people, people that don’t even know her, that; he has a criminal background; he has been engaged before (he told her he never has); he’s commited insurance fraud; his family does not approve of the marriage; and that his friends are saying that he gave her a ring to shut her up, in addition to other things. I don’t know what to do at this point. Should I tell her or not tell her? I feel like if I do she wont believe me and will turn on me.


4 thoughts on “My best friend’s fiance has a sketchy past…

  1. If he’s your best friend, why don’t you know about his past? Hearing it from others is kinda hearsay, I think you should go mind your own bussness, hell she might be worse than he is.

  2. I think that you should definitely discuss with your friend your uncomfortability about marrying someone she barely knows. Find out whether she is as uncomfortable as you are concerning what you’ve heard about him. Now by discussing any of this you run the risk of being rejected by your friend so you’ll have to determine whether telling her any of this is worth while. Generally, by the time someone is ready to marry, they should know all of the important things about their mate. If not, they are marrying someone they barely know and their mate’s past will likely come out later and harm the trust of the relationship. You are a good friend but again be aware of the risk involved in telling your friend this information.

  3. First of all make sure that all these things you have heard against her fiance are true. Try to get some proofs/witnesses, if not get one/two more persons with you who knows him and his background well. So that all of you can sit, discuss, allow her to decide wisely and save her from falling into big trouble. It would be nice if you can convince her parents too. Don’t cheat your friend by keeping quiet for which you will regret later.

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