I’m a shitty person

Every time I’m with my best friend, all I can think about is sleeping with her boyfriend.

4 thoughts on “I’m a shitty person

  1. Talk about humorous. A girl expresses an issue she has with guilt and any number of men try to give advice, thinking they understand the process of what occurs inside the cranium of a female. Impossible at best ; they need to learn that a man’s process is to logically reason with a issue. The female process is a whole ‘nother stretch o’ road, dealing with a much more prevalent emotional process toward any issue they encounter. Two totally distinguished, independent modes that will always be difficult to blend.

  2. Why not be honest with yourself and admit that you’re human. Being sexually attracted to your friend’s boyfriend is normal. Accept that but simply do not act on it. Try putting all of those positive energies into your own mate.

  3. it’s hard, I know. you want to step back, remove yourself until you can get over it. but how do you do that without alerting your friend that you don’t want to be around her?

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