I Turned Cold on this Friendship

I faked it when I said I forgave you and wanted to reconcile. I actually didn’t want to be friends with you anymore but you insisted on talking through our (your) issues and then pulled the God card on me. Good job.

You’re the pushiest woman I’ve even been friends with and the most manipulative. Your passive aggression is tiring me and I’ve decided by not spending time with you anymore, I’ll save myself from more hurt.

I’m done. Have a happy life.

And don’t try to tell me you actually love me. When everything you do begs to show that you’re just dragging your feet in this friendship. That you have to be friends with me because you think there’s a divine purpose in it.

No one’s forcing you to stay. You may leave.

Let me go so I can leave too.

3 thoughts on “I Turned Cold on this Friendship

  1. Pushy people aren’t usually the most passive-aggressive. They’re just aggressive. That’s what the terms means. You saw something in this person, no you don’t. That’s ok. However, it’s just as possible you can’t stand to self-examine and work on yourself as well.

  2. Sure hope that your friend gets this message. In case this does not happen, at least you’ll probably feel better for having cleared your mind.

    1. It isn’t that elementary, Freud. The poster never expressed that their mind had been cleared by expressing it here.

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