I resent my friend and I’m gutted

I worked hard at my degree, finished with a 1st, am really proud. My friend got an average of 68%, threshold is 70% and she still got a first. I checked all her essays, rewrote entire sections for her and although I’m proud and pleased, I hate the fact I did better but we got the same result. I know I’m a horrid person for feeling this way.

5 thoughts on “I resent my friend and I’m gutted

  1. If you’re needing any advice, I have one for you. :)
    “It’s all right to feel this way.”
    I don’t know you that well, but I hope that you still give your friend some tough love. You seem like a really generous person, but you shouldn’t carry all of their burdens just because they’re your friend. If you do, then they’ll never learn and they’ll depend on you all of their life. A little tough love will help them to be independent and learn from their mistakes. Don’t be afraid to say “no” from time to time. You could use the time to relax instead and help guide them. I hope that helps.^^

  2. its ok bro we are all passengers on gods boat moving onto the golden rapids of heavens furious sea i wish you the best of luck on our ascension during the rapture

  3. You aren’t horrible. I would feel the same way. She doesnt deserve the same results as you. Simple as that. You worked harder.

  4. Remember everything secretly is a competition even with your closest friends. It’s good nature to help others but make sure you’re in a better spot than them before you give a handout.

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