I Love Her, But Hate Her Family

We were best friends throughout elementary, all the way to graduation. Drama and differences separated us, but we found each other again years later. She’s now married with a 3 year old, and I’m happy for her. I’m married with a 4 month old. We’ve tried to catch up several times, and while I still think she’s amazing, her husband is rather neurotic and her kid is a little monster. Her husband is her entire support system, so we can’t just hang out as us two. Her 3 year old cries more than my baby, and can’t go two minutes without yelling or destroying something. Her husband says a lot of really off putting and racist things, and I’m not ever entirely sure if he’s talking to himself or us. I really wish we could be close again, but I just don’t think that’s possible.

3 thoughts on “I Love Her, But Hate Her Family

  1. I don’t think you guys understand. We’re both heterosexual women. We were just friends, lol. I miss our friendship. That’s all. I’m not trying to cheat on my partner or lose focus on my family. I just miss having a best friend I can chat and do things with.

  2. Your wife needs you more than you need your friend. Be a good husband instead of focusing on another woman who might not feel the same way you do for her. You might end up disappointing everyone. Being a woman i would advise you to leave her alone.

  3. The facts are that she is married to another man and you are married with another women. She shouldn’t be your concern anymore. Her husband may not be the nicest person but she may love him, women tend to be attracted to ” bad boys ” even if they don’t admit it. She may see you as a old friend, she may tell you some things that she is not happy about her husband but she won’t tell you when she had a realy good sex with him. On the other hand, when man pretend to be friends with a women, almost all the time they hide a little detail, that they want to have sex with her. I know that because I am a man. And as a man i wish i could sleep with all the women that i liked or loved. If you love her, leave her alone.
    The two of you spendind too much time together will lead only to trouble and pain. Your old friend is a fantasy in your mind, i believe you always loved her, but the reality is that you are both married and both have kids. I know it may be hard, but remove her from your life, focus on your family, your wife needs you (and she will sniff that something is not right from a mile away) and your wife is the women that accepted to share her life with you which is a big commitment from her side too. And ultimately, the most important thing, your kid needs you more than anybody else. It may take a while to develop the bond with your baby, but when it happens you will know the meaning of true love.
    I wish you all the best

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