I detest my best friend

She’s been unhappy with her husband for years and complains about everything pertaining to him. He is distant cold and disinterested. I’ve advised her to leave NUMEROUS times. She chose me to confide that she cheated on him with a married man. I wish she hadn’t told me that. I will never look at her the same.

4 thoughts on “I detest my best friend

  1. Doesn’t sound like she was your best friend to begin with if you can get tired of her problems that quick. There’s a difference between entertaining someone and genuine offer of support.

    1. I can’t agree more with this comment……She trusted you, end of story…..Learn how to be a better friend…..Real friends stab you in the front, not the back….

  2. You are aware of course that people who are secretly or maybe not so secretly or are jealous or do not like this friend will lie and do anything else in their power to make her look bad. And they don’t give a damn who they hurt in the process. Maybe he was cold and disinterested because he was no longer in love with the person, detested her and finally had the guts to bail.

    PS-I would think twice about having a besty who also happens to be a flat out slut.

  3. If she’s truly your friend, tell her how you feel about how she has behaved and then stop listening to her complaints. This will likely free up your relationship quite a bit. Good luck.

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