I am married and slept with a good friend

My husband was out of town for over 5 weeks and our very good friend (who works with my husband) and I hung out a lot and he helped me a lot when one of our animals got sick during my husbands absence. This guy and I have always had a fun, flirty relationship that was always very harmless, hence he is good friends with both myself and my husband. We ended up watching a movie one night, he confessed he wanted to snuggle and it seemed harmless, then one thing turned into another, etc. It happend 3 times, and we spent more time just hanging out in between. I adore him and don’t want it to effect our friendship, but can’t stop thinking about him & miss him not being around so much. Not in the same way as my husband, and I am very much in love with my husband we have a wonderful life and have been together for quite some years now. Has anyone else had a similar situation?

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  1. hi,
    i am married around 4 yrs back ,we are having a couple friend from our college time…some how my friends wife started talking with me..i started attracting towards her… and she used to tell all our talk to his hubby but at the same time she told me that all our talks are secret…one day i started doing dirty chat with her online and that night she shown chat to her hubby…next day he come to me and says that friendship is over…it has been a year now I still feel guilty about that please help mee

  2. Whoever invented monogamy was seriously effed up. Humans are not monogamous naturally. As you have learned, you can truly and honestly love and appreciate more than one person at a time.
    I say, keep them both :)

    Good luck!

  3. hmm!!! im in a similar situation. in the past weeks/months I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions between my husband and this other guy. I know it can only get better, like someone said..as if it never happened. Yep I know how it is missing them being around so much, of course you do they have and are a friend on a level that you never imagined, mentally, emotionally and intimately. Enjoy it for what it is, try not to put any weight on the friendship/relationship. It will be the same as it was if you just dont have sex!! This is a moment in your life that will give you amazing memories for ever. Sorry probably not that encouraging or telling you all the things others will tell you about being faithful etc. The one thing I would say is have a really good think of what it would be like for you if it happened to you!!! You’s probably feel a little bit sick. I’ve gone through really intense moments of guilt. Now i have another problem of having fallen deeply for the other guy…oops, didn’t expect that to happen..
    what to do with myself now…well miss, take care, all the best too.

  4. “I am very much in love with my husband” yet you go behind his back and and let your “best friend” use you what does that make you?

  5. Weird how one harmless thing led to another on three separate occasions. As if you had no possible way of stopping yourself and saying, “Hey, because I fully respect my husband and want to honor our commitment to each other, I’m can’t do this.” Unless of course, you don’t respect him.

  6. I want to be in the same predicament as you. I am in love with my best friend, but I am also married.
    My husband is an amazing man and is so good to me. We have two children and he is a wonderful father. But the relationship just lacks that ummphh, and truthfully it is rare that I am attracted to him.
    My best friend and I have come close to intimacy on 2 occassions, both before I was married. But he always insisted that it would never work out between us. So I moved on, or tried to, thinking that the feelings would die down. But here I find myself 10 years later, longing for him. We spend so much time together and are so close. But I know I could never leave my husband. It would crush him and would ruin our kids.

  7. I was on the other side of a situation like this, and learning about it ruined me and my life. If you really do love your husband you can never let him know about it. I’m all for honesty, but there are some things I would rather not have known. Whether to stay or go is an answer you’ll only find within yourself, but it seems like it would be easier to protect him from what you’ve done if you didn’t have to face him every day. God be with you.

  8. My wife and I have a similar situation. A guy I use to work with is a friend of ours and we get together often. One night we were up late webcamming with him and cutting up. One thing led to another and my wife ended up getting naked on cam. He talked to me the next day at work about having a threesome. I found myself aroused at the thought. I discussed it with my wife and she NO WAY. The following weeks I would bring it up during sex. It obviously excited her as well as myself. She never agreed to do it but one night we were at his house and we were all drinking. He popped in a XXX DVD and we all ended up in bed. We have done it several times since then and we all have a good time. My wife gets totally satisfied and I find it very exciting watching her. My point is maybe your hubby would entertain the idea of the three of you getting together. The question is how do you initiate it? Maybe the webcam. lol

  9. Do not listen to anyone one here except the first guy! The other holy rollers are just ashamed to let out there own indiscressions and fantasies. Whatever you did just talk it out with the friend and tell him you miss him coming around as a FRIEND. Act normal and like nothing happened if you so choose. Itwill be back to normal adventually. More power to ya for conffessing.

  10. You and your friend should be ashamed of yourselves. Be faithful in your marriage, it’s why you took the vows. Just don’t do it again and avoid situations in which you and your friend are alone together. If you really love your husband, you wouldn’t do this to him repeatedly. Learn from your mistakes and don’t tell him what he doesn’t have to know, that is if your decision is to stop cheating.

    1. The truth will always haunt you.Personal experience:Karma is what you have to be scared off.One of two things will happen;Your coping mechanism- to calm your conscience is the false self-talk of gimmicking being inlove with the guy you betrayed your spouse with.You don’t really love your husband.You know ehen one is inlove you can’t stand the thought of what you did.You are a cheater-sorry for sounding cold and you know that all of this is fabricated to help you escape social condamnation thus your claim to love your broken-husband.Say your love your husband softly to yourself within?I bet your conscience will start a inner-debate about why do your spread your legs cheaply.You see it is eating you out (like your hubby’s fake-friend ate that thing out).Poor man betrayed twice (wife and friend).Tell him the truth-he might have a few truths up his sleave too-what do they call it again(Karma)

  11. your husband was gone for 5 weeks, and sleepin with yours and his close friend is pretty bad. if you look at it this way, how about if your husband had a little fling for those 5 weeks when he was gone…how would you feel, and if you tell him, thats it, it all goes down hill from there, he’ll probably stay with you, but he’ll probably never ever trust you, i don’t know hope everything will turn out fine…

  12. Its always possible to fall for someone
    when u are alone and gradually felt in physical luv for the need of it.
    you donot have to leave yr hubby , you
    can continue to enjoy yr physicall intimacy with the new person as we all know,physical bonding donot last much longer , so enjoy till it lasts.all the best

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