gay marriage

i voted against gay marriage, even though i was apart of the vote no on 8 movement. i’m sorry to all of my gay friends.

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  1. Well good for you voting against other peoples civil rights and pursuit of happiness. You’re just a good little Christian. Now get off the cross, someone needs the wood!

  2. Reading through these comments, I can’t help but be somewhat humored by the ignorance of those who are against gay marriage because of their religion. Intolerance has propogated amongst you the likes of which no other group of people on this earth has ever seen. It is not only ignorant to say that you are against gay marriage as a christian, it is blataintly hypocritical. In the bible it is preached time and time again to love thy fellow man. Yet in that same book it is somehow preached to shun those of different backgrounds, and to completely cut away societies blemishes through persecution. If god did indeed create us all in its image, then we are all but each a blade of grass in a field; each one similar, yet slightly different. Another thing i noticed is that about 90% of those who had something negative to say had used words improperly, or in the wrong context. If you can’t even properly convey your voice and opinion, what the hell gives you the right to take another’s fate into your hands?

  3. i want you to look your dear friends in the eye and tell them you believe they are less of a person/american and don’t deserve they should be married. You arent really they’re friend, and you don’t love them.

    BTW-God created us ALL in his image, and he is the only one that can judge any of us.

    and thank you michael-you hit the nail on the head.

  4. noone has the right to tell someone they can’t be married. i can’t believe that people still think you choose to be gay why would anyone put themsevles through so much shit. straight or gay we should all have the same rights as everyone else its nobodys business who marries who so all the people out there who voted yes who made you the boss, gay people have very committed relationships just like straight people so why can’t they have the same rights to be married.

  5. Prop 8 is about constitutional rights not what the Christian majority wants.

    Should we vote whether or not freedom of speech or freedom of religion should be allowed for SOME people based upon something as arbitrary as race, gender, sexuality, etc.

    Same thing.

    F*** you. I hope your gay friends realize how you look down on them and ditch you.

  6. Hey thats totally fine. I have a bunch of gay friends and I voted yes,and for all you guys who dont know- if you vote yes than your aginst gay marriage.

  7. Marriage in a church is defined completely by the religious doctrine of that religion. Proposition 8 deals with the legal definition only; it does not force a church who won’t marry gay congregants to do so. The legal definiton of marriage is and has always been separate from religious marriage. If it wasn’t why do you need to have a legal certificate no matter which religious organization officiates your ceremony?

    If you oppose gay marriage based on your religion then don’t allow gay couples to marry in your church. That is completely within your rights.

    I take issue with the idea that adults treat other adults as inferior citizens because they don’t follow the rules you have chosen based solely on religion.

    Even more disgusting are the people who look me directly in my face and say they have no problem with me being gay but don’t support my civil right to participate in the same legal processes they enjoy.

    Religion is one thing. Equal protection under the law (guaranteed by the constitution) is quite another.

  8. What does Jesus have to do with it???

    I,m gay and i think anybody should marry anybody.

    Somebody told me this the other day.

    Next people will be able to marry animals.

  9. You are not supposed to judge, however, I am going to hell because I’m in love with a woman!?! How can you say such a thing?

    To what makes you happy, and let the rest of us do what makes us happy.

  10. Genesis talks about Adam & Eve. Not Adam & Steve. Homosexual conduct is by religious doctrine immoral.

    The problem with all this is once you legitimize it then you think its a right.

    Well it isn’t and I think it will never be.

    I think it should be more than banned it should be outright criminal.

    1. Not everybody follows your outdated doctrine. Do you understand where the stories form the bible came from? In the beginning the Israelites did not even believe in an after life…that was adopted from Egyptian culture. Most aspects of christian and catholic beliefs are adopted from other religious and pagan followings. The Roman’s actually put the bible together so they could control the spread of a religion they did not start and all the books and stories from the bible are the Iraelites way of explaining how God was responsible for all…after it all happened, not during. And if you read the bible very carefully you will find many references to homosexuality.

      You people make me sick. You frown on an act of love and say it is in God’s name. Who are you to say such a thing? The story of Lot and his daughters involves a very good man. One God thought was worthy of salvation…he then went on the get drunk and impregnate both his daughters. Come on!!! An you have the audacity to frown on grown adults commiting to each other..tell me how does this directly affect your life?

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