Best Friends Funeral From Hell.

My best friends family where Jahovas. They hated me because I wasn’t with a religon. I got a call that my bff had died and I wasn’t allowed to see her because the JW part of the family was not letting anyone in the room. I was told by her mum to turn up to the church early and stay by her so I don’t get kicked out. “They” tried to kick me out but backed off when I said it was disrespectful to interrupt a funeral. THEN my time came to say what I needed to say about her. I stepped up , pulled her diary out of my bag and told the whole family about her being a satanist, practicing black magic and having a lot of sex. (Even told them how many people she slept with) I then put my hands in the air and laughed my head off at the gobsmacked family. “She also hated the crap out of you guys, try to sleep with that shit.” I walked out of the church and kept it a secret since lol

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