Best Friend Atheist

I have been catholic my whole life yet I don’t know how to react to my best friend constantly shoving it to my face that he doesn’t believe in God. I love him a lot but it hurts every time he says things about christian people and their beliefs. I wish he knew how much that hurts me. I respect his choice for not believing in God but why do I feel like he hates me or just doesn’t respect what I believe in ?

2 thoughts on “Best Friend Atheist

  1. Tell your friend to respect that you believe in God just as you respect that he does not. Point out to him that if he is a happy atheist, he would have no need to try changing others. If he continues to be disrespectful, you may need to take some time away from the relationship or find a new friend. Take care now. No true friend harasses another.

  2. He’s your best friend so you have to come to some kind of understanding so it won’t ruin your friendship. You can’t agree on everything in life but if you can’t be at peace with you’re different perspectives it might not work for you. Is you’re relationship worth just saying to each his own? Do you mean it?

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