alone at 26

i’m 26 years old and i have never had a girlfriend and i have no friends. i don’t know if i really ever did have any friends.

4 thoughts on “alone at 26

  1. Hi, dear.

    After reading your confession, the first question that comes up to my mind, is ‘Why?’

    To tell the truth, I have no friends either. But I know the reason for that.

    What is yours? You have to find the answer.

    And. There are always caring people around you.

    Wish you all the best, sweetheart.

  2. If you have no friends and that’s your problem then you don’t have to worry a lot just go out find a vendor near you try to pickup any product from him ask him what it is and start a conversation and next time when you go again to the same place just wish him and have a smile on your face go to the park talk to the kids or elderly people or you can even go to the bar get a cocktail/mock-tail made of his choice and just start a conversation with anyone you encounter greet them with a smile even if you are not familiar make a move and wait for the result

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