My Fault

My deepest regret was not telling my friend that I loved her. We had so many classes in college together. We were perfect for each other, we both grew up in poor and abusive households, we were both Finance majors, and we were both very compatible with each other. My other friends would always ask me why I was not dating Taylor. I didn’t have … Continue reading My Fault

My life sucks

I hate adulthood. I went from being surrounded by friends in high school and college to suddenly having none in university. Those same friends I used to spend time with seem to have abandoned me and don’t even have time to answer any messages i send them although they have time for everyone else. I hate my job, I like school but can’t muster up … Continue reading My life sucks

I Love Her, But Hate Her Family

We were best friends throughout elementary, all the way to graduation. Drama and differences separated us, but we found each other again years later. She’s now married with a 3 year old, and I’m happy for her. I’m married with a 4 month old. We’ve tried to catch up several times, and while I still think she’s amazing, her husband is rather neurotic and her … Continue reading I Love Her, But Hate Her Family

Thrown away after being used up, again and again, ‘Friends’ are a make believe fairy tale

Once again I fell for bullshit and trusted someone, someone who called me their ‘soulmate’ and said they couldn’t make it thru a single day without me, yeah….such a sucker, dropped everything to be there for them at all hours of the day and night, missed work, lost friends, blew all my money plus half of my retirement to help this friend, stole from my … Continue reading Thrown away after being used up, again and again, ‘Friends’ are a make believe fairy tale