Why You Will Hurt Me

I am afraid of you….. your wife and child are not good enough for you, and you would leave them for me. But really would you? Do you love me, or are you just saying so because the sex is great. Do we really love each other? That’s is, right? The sex. Your whole family would hate you. Your daughter wouldn’t like me at all for breaking apart her parents, and I could never be around your family for being the classic “home wrecking whore”. Plus, will they even speak English around me? Doubt it. You know this will never work, and so do I, so why do we torture ourselves? Once the sex gets old, we’ll both move on, but now that “feelings” are in the mix it will just hurt. You will inevitably find some other beautiful girl who is smart and interesting just like me. We would make a perfect couple if we already didn’t have separate lives. Hope you find what makes you happy…

One thought on “Why You Will Hurt Me

  1. Dear Friend,

    You seem to understand your situation very well and have decided to move on. Now allow yourself to do just that. Being the other woman is worthless role because you never really have anyone for yourself. Instead of being afraid of dealing with someone who is already taken, concentrate on finding someone single and available to love you. Therapy might also help you with all of this. Give it a try why not. Take care and let us know how you’re doing.

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