They Should Probably Take My Driver’s License

I’m afraid to be completely honest with my shrink, therapist, or gp about how badly I dissociate, and especially about the times it happens while I’m driving, because I don’t want my driver’s license taken away from me… it doesn’t happen a lot while driving, and if it starts before I need to drive somewhere I’ll cancel and stay home to be safe. It’s just that, on the rare occasion that it does happen while I’m driving, I become incredibly dangerous. It’s a little like being in a lucid dream, while very drunk, and then throw in an overwhelming sense of self-destructiveness… while in real life you’re doing 120km/hour in a thousand lb death machine. I’m surprised I’m not dead and even more surprised I’ve never killed anyone.

2 thoughts on “They Should Probably Take My Driver’s License

  1. What would help you to tell someone significant in your life this information so that you can begin to get control of your driving?
    In general, therapists do not report behaviors of others unless it is deemed harmful to you or others.

  2. Please be honest and forthcoming with your therapist. You are correct in that this could truly be a life and death matter for yourself and others.

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