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I am a student nurse, I have studied about 2 years now. I feel like I don’t know anything about nursing and I feel like compared to my classmates I am so stupid. I am afraid of graduating because then I should get a job and know my stuff. I love nursing and being a nurse is my dream but I am shy, an introvert and I am afraid that I will never be a good nurse.

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  1. I am a nurse too. If you love helping others but are still not confident how you will do the kind of job the best nurses do…give it more time. How much clinical time do you have on the floors yet? Being a nursing student and being a working professional are different and you need to give yourself credit…if you do love it, you will be a kind, concientious (spelling haha) nurse. You can do this…it’s very rewarding.

  2. You are capable of anything anyone else is. You’re as Human as they are. Please have hope in yourself, it will help you so much more. Whenever I was depressed or doubted myself, I combated it with mantra’s tell myself otherwise. “I am worthy.” Also, take in account that anything is possible, so why won’t it be possible for you to be a nurse? You’re are just wonderful as your peers. Personally, when I dealt with any self-doubt, I would go back and ask myself why would all those positive things my family and friends told me be lies? It reminded me that their perspective of me could reflect the truth and soon enough, it became the truth. You can be an excellent nurse, you just need to remind yourself that you can without a doubt be one.

  3. You can and will be a good nurse! What would likely help you however is learning to work on your self confidence and shyness. Therapy would surely be helpful.

  4. I’m a engineering student I had a job that hurried me because of my previous work experience before I was out of high school. I came to that job knowing nothing nor did I act like I did I told them teach me I studied and took notes then 1 yr when by and I still felt like I new nothing then I was off to college then aced all my engineering classes. So what I’m trying to explain is it might not feel like you no nothing but when your out into a different environment you will shine… and screw your class mates your doing great

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