plz answwwer iwill suicde

iam feeling depreeseed iam 14 years old girl and always my bro keep having sex with me atnigh….whatishould doicant tell anyooooonnnee plz answeer me and my mom is treating me like a dog and treat my bro better although i didnt do anything wrong like when i teell heriwant new cloth she tells me no u r a dog andnot girl to have clothim sooo depressed by what she is doiinnngg iwill kiill my sellllfffff

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  1. show me your brother’s numbers and I will flood his inbox with haunting messages till he stop! even if he change his numbers keep showing it, he must not get away with it unharmed.

  2. Please please do not keep this to yourself. This is incest and rape at its worst. I would tell everybody: a school counselor, the police, child protective services etc. Screw your mother. She is neglecting you big time. Your brother must pay for his wrong doings. Do not live with this torture and and abuse, please. It may even get worse. You have a choice. Your worth it in every way. No one has the right to do this to you. Suicide isn’t the answer.

  3. It’s been 8 years since you posted the confession. I can’t imagine what you must have went through and I’m curious as to how you’re doing now?

    1. Nearly 9 years… even I want to know what happened to her… the poor soul replied to some comments a few years back. But then… nothing. I really hope that she is better off wherever she is and she got the much needed help. Most importantly, I sincerely hope she did not follow the advices of some ***** here, who told her to commit suicide or to murder her family.

  4. If I could I would give you my number and be the friend to you I needed when I was young and my life was really messed up too.

  5. we love you. please don’t kill yourself. the whole kill your family thing sounds a bit mad but actually in these circumstances…. kill away. we won’t tell.

  6. u’ve got ur whole life in front of u, it makes me sad that u’d waste it since ur around my age. we all have problems sometimes we just have to run away from them. if u r not happy find urself a new future tht will make u happy, do wht ever u have 2 do. sometimes we just can’t face the problems by ourselves. u don’t have to say whts happening with u and ur brother, but tht would help.
    there r othr ways besides suicide.

  7. Call child protective services, or run, or murder your family, or tell a teacher who will then call child protective services, then you’ll be placed in the care of an adult who will respect you as a human. This is what you deserve.

    1. I meant that you’d be treated like a person, not bad things happening to you.

      Get help girl. Maybe then you can live a happy normal life.

  8. its your own fault if your doing nothing about it dont waste time here go find the number for dyphs or call the cops if you dont do that then i hope you do kill yourself because thats stupid

  9. Also, no one listens to her because this a normal thing in Egypt. This is something that occurs in every house. Women who speak up about it or try to stop it often get it even worse once they get home.

  10. What none of you realize is that Egypt is NOTHING like the US. She can not just walk out and ask for help. Men hate women and believe rape is what they deserve. Men are always right and many times women are not even allowed to leave the house. This young girl is very lucky to even have the opportunity to go to school. Women are not allowed to have feelings or opinions. They are viewed as no better than a cow. It’s a horrible situation but it happens everyday. My heart goes out to this young girl and I pray one day she will find freedom.

  11. hi. geoff; i admire that you are trying so hard to help her. but there are a million sites, and NO ONE would just not help her.

    i don’t really believe this is a fake thing, but i don’t believe that she is willing to try to help herself. if i was being raped [which i have] and it got to the point where i was reaching out for help; i’d LISTEN! you don’t ask for help, then sit there and wait for someone else to help.

    i feel really bad, and i totally understand sexual abuse, physical abuse, and emotional abuse… i’ve lived my entire life with it, but SHE NEEDS TO FIX IT! we can’t. especially if she doesn’t listen.

    1. any supposed mother or father that would allow such a thing to there child should die worthless bastards you are alone and with no hope for rescue kill them that is all u have left no???

  12. im sorry but it seems like u are the only link left in this puzzle. everyone here has tried and given u examples of ways to help. i am very sorry about your problem if this is true, but i find it hard to believe that there is absolutly no one to help you. most of the time its the person not really looking for help.

  13. iam not amercian girl iam egyption onne and teacher dont care here andiam uising the phone but my parents must sit beside me to hear each word i say dnt call me aliear plz ihate this word

  14. [quote comment=”2109″]she’s just fooling around. her folks dont let her use the phone but offer her internet instead, heh. And now she’s a grown up. Tell her to defend herself. No one takes these things as a joke. Howcome her american teachers at american schools took it lightly? Bullcrap! She wasted our time. This is what internet is all about. haa haa haa[/quote]…hey i was thinking the exact same thng…how come they let u use the internet?? n plus u r in an american school…damn girl stop craving for attention..there r lots of people out there who actually do need help…so stop wasting everyones time..

  15. Oh geoff sorry
    by old man i meant the old man she mentioned some time ago
    btw i’m really worried about you
    what’s going on right now? are you “ok”?

  16. First of all it’s not that I don’t want to help it’s that I can’t find a solution I’ve been trying. I can’t find a website to give her what she wants. Second I’m not that old I’m 28 years old.I’m still trying to help I’m just struggling to find a way to help.

  17. Hey.
    I’ve read all the comments and I’m really worried… Did this old man help you at all?
    Please answer soon

  18. lisen killing ur self will not help u ur just running from ur problems, but lisen yes u can say what ur brother is doing t u dosent matter if ur mom belives u or not u are just a child u dont deserve that u should talk before it gets worse but not to ur mom go to the police or a social worker and tell her ur situation its ur right to talk n stop the abuse they have on u fisically n mentally only u could stop it fear is something that can be turn into courage in bad situations like ur’s but if u do that make sure that u don’t stay in that house t will be bad so just keep going everything passes in life n u have the power in ur hands 2 fix it luck sweety!

  19. she’s just fooling around. her folks dont let her use the phone but offer her internet instead, heh. And now she’s a grown up. Tell her to defend herself. No one takes these things as a joke. Howcome her american teachers at american schools took it lightly? Bullcrap! She wasted our time. This is what internet is all about. haa haa haa

  20. You will have to type it in yourself. If you have and it still wont work then you may need to get a yahoo account. If you already do have a yahoo account then you may need to do it from the yahoo website that you usually go to.
    2.: left hand corner you will see Answers click on it.
    3. Look for: search for questions.
    4. you should see a white blank space type: If I’ve mesaged you then this is for you?
    5. Press enter
    6. under search results you should see: If I’ve mesaged you then this is for you?
    7. Click on it, then you should be done.

  21. instructions
    1. go to:
    2. type in: If I’ve mesaged you then this is for you?

    If this doesn’t work then i will try to think of something else.

  22. Go to then type in If I’ve mesaged you then this is for you? and you will get what your looking for use this one only if the one up top doesn’t show up on here. Read this carefully.

  23. immeet him at the skol and my younger brother is 8years so caant help me and iam very careful with every step,,,,could u plz give meur mail

  24. How old is the person? What will be done? Where will you go? Becareful with this person he might not be who you think he is eg. could be a rapist or murderer or might try to keep you as a sex slave or torcher you maybe all of these and any other things that I can’t think of. not trying to scare you out of it It’s just that that would be worse than what is happening to you right now. Please reply to this asap. (as soon as posible). Why don’t you tell your younger brother what’s been happening if he loves you then maybe he could go with you help you out somehow.

  25. iam about to solve the proplemm iwent to old person n hetold me give me aweek tosolve it iam ok geoff..dont worrry

  26. Just hang in there. Call child services and the police. Dont let anyone intimidate you. if you don’t take action, they wont stop. Make sure they don’t know what your doing, otherwise things could go bad. Just don’t kill yourself.

  27. I was only exaggerating about her brother. of course they won’t beat him! I really sure hope everything is fixed! Take care little girl!

  28. That’s not true her brother wont be beaten he’s only a juvenile. under 18 the American justice system is similar to Australia’s justice system but the American justice system is a bit more harsher with sentencing.

  29. It’s probably to late or she’s got the help she needs or her family have found out she’s been using this site it’s been sometime since she has left a msg. I hope it’s the second one and not the first one or the third one I’m going to check in around one month. one last time if she hasn’t left a msg by then then I’m going to assume it’s been one of these tree options.

  30. geez! it’s been months since i last read this post! and still… everything that these people, including me, have suggested seemed liked NOTHING is right. I don’t want to count how many times I tried to tell you girl to protect yourself from this maniac! if you are telling the truth, then consider these suggestions of ours! if you didn’t, then it means, we’ll be all running in circles figuring how to help a liar make tons of excuses about this story yoou created. this is insane!

    Look… your brother is still young. once you called someone like the police/nurse/doctor/psychologist/counselor/etc…. they will beat your brother for good and locked in jail for good! and thus, you will be safe once more from your brother’s “evil” hands… if what you said is true though.

    you are 14.. turning 15 probably.. you’ve heard this on television…. you are a child… and children like you are well-protected from a maniac like him. once in court, you’ll absolutely WIN.

    once he raped you again, go to a hospital and have your private area be tested for proof for bruises/laceration and stuff. i am a nurse and i know this. nurses with keen eyes can easily assess a real victim here…. and i think, after what these people had suggested for you… and you didn’t even TRIED any of what we said…

    look little girl… that’s enough! do something for yourself! do something else for the better you! you are still 14… have fun with your life! PLEASE….

  31. Well first of all dont try to comit suicied it isnt gonna help.Try to contact someone and tell them about your mom and your brother like tell the police about it they should help and if your brother does sex with you hes gonna go to jail.You will be fine if you tell someone

  32. I have to write that it’s a worry that you haven’t typed anything since 11/06/08. for americans that’s 06/11/08 (only americans write it that way very strange)I will look at this in a few days time to see if you have anwered back if you haven’t then I will be wondering if you have killed yourself or maybe a family member has caught you on this maybe you feel that you need some other form of help.If that is so then inform us it’s the only way your going to get the help you need.

  33. You are all waisting your time. She wrote this over 3 months ago and is obviously still breathing. Enough with these comments already….

  34. 6. 7. not sure if these 2 will help you 8. give this one a go 9.’s_shelter this might be able to help. I wish you had of wrote that you are living in the US instead of writing that you live in cairo as I was trying to find you help in cairo which state do you live in? it should make it easier to help you.

  35. Websites in in the US that might be able to help you are 1. I’m not sure if this will help it’s for females in rural areas 2. http://www.artistshelpingchild.....lters.html not shore about this one either 3. I had troubles with this one but you might be able to get though 4. might be able to help 5. not so shore about this one but try it anyway.

  36. anonymes ilearned english cuziam inamercian schoollll and suposed tohave good life and myfather is rich buutt my brotherr………..

  37. I don’t know how to speak or write arabic. I just guessed that it would help you. If that doesn’t help you then go to the hospital and tell a female nurse/doctor your situation and they might be able to help you.If you can get away from your brothers. Just got that thought just then. Post a msg here wether it helps or not. msg=mesage just thought you might want to know. I will check this site out as soon as posible. I know you have 2 brothers. What I wanted to know is it both brothers who are raping you or is it just one that is doing it? I hope it works out for you.

  38. I didn’t understand it. I saw the web address and decided to put it on here with out even looking at. so I did not know it was in arabic. If that does not work then try going to the hospital talk to a female nurse/doctor they should be able to help you. If the web page does not show then press refresh and it should help It is what I do and most of the time it works on my pc it is F5 yours should be the same.MSG stands for mesage thought you might want to know. if it does work then I will be very happy. Where did you learn to read/write english your not to bad at it might want to keep practising though. I know you have 2 brothers what i want to know is is it both who are raping you or is it just 1 of them that is? leave a msg if it does not work out for you but I hope it does.

  39. the last site it had worked andisent them mesgeeee thhhxxxxxxx but how come u understood andu cant speak arabic

  40. Is it both brothers or just one of them that rapes you? if it’s just one would you be able to tell the other maybe he would help you then again he could start doing it to so you could be taking a risk in telling him.

  41. my mother always tell me dont lock the door ofyour room at all although she beats me when i lock the door

  42. It’s been months since you posted this but if you keep whining like that it won’t help you at all. This is the internet and we can’t really tell if you’re telling the truth or not but if you have the liberty to use the internet by posting comments like that, I presume you are well able to do something to lift you from your misery.

    Well it may also be true that this is the real thing, I hope it is. My best suggestion is for your to protect yourself. It seems like you aren’t able to have good results from trying every good suggestion given here and you just end up failing in the attempt. So if I were you, I would lock the doors, secure something like tear gas, learn basic martial arts skills and kick the hell out of your brother.

  43. honstly you are great and feww people like u in the world iwish ti have brother like u ill chek the websites now and tell u theresult

  44. I just really don’t understand you asked for help and i’m serving you it but it apears you don’t want it !

  45. I’ve checked out the net the best I could do for now is give you a few websites that might be able to help you. The first one is but I had trouble with this one you might have better luck than I did the second site is but it’s in arabic so I couldn’t understand it the third is I went through some stuff not shore what it will do for you. There does seem to be a women’s shelter in cairo but not shore how to find it on the web I’ll look into it later on today as i have not been to sleep yet. You really should go to the cops as there is limited help in egypt apparently over 96% of women in egypt have experienced domestic violence in there life and is condoned by most people there as well wich is quite scary as far as I’m concerned and disapointing.write a msg here if you do something about it and have acsess to a computer with internet connection.

  46. he starts doing that when he was 14 yrs till now and iam living in cairo and no one iffers to helpme cuz idont have family mebemrs and my father like adog he belive any thing she say.he goes aroundher like a dog……

  47. I’m not saying u want me 2 come over I just thought I should write it.thats all. I’ll check later on today 4 your comment or the day after.Think about what u need not about the consecences of his actions he bought it on himself. that second comment I’m not shore what your trying 2 write. whats (sth) I have no idea what that means.

  48. I’m an australian. Wich country do u live in still confused. Is it egypt or some other country.Your english isn’t that great if I could afford 2 go there I would but I don’t have the money 2. I would like 2 get u away from that shit but I’m on the doll if u don’t know what the doll is it’s where u get minimum amount of money 2 look 4 a job. It’s not about your brother it’s about u. U must look after yourself 1st and then think about everyone else besides what makes u think that he cares 4 u.What if he’s doing it 2 other girls besides u. if he cared 4 u the sex would b consensul not rape and it is rape the one thing that fustrates me with females is that they can b 2 kind u r a perfect example your brother is raping u but your worried about his future more than yours.what age did he start raping u. do u have other family eg.sisters other brothers,uncles,anties where’s your father. ask your mother why is she treating u like dirt. I suspect if your father isn’t around that may b the reason why your mother is treating u like shit.

  49. if i went to cops iwill make lots of proplems and in egypt if one in ma suituiatuin he is destroyed and wont have futureandpeople hate him as if he is the theif sth like that ,,but wehre do ulive??may u help me

  50. The 1 who ask 4 help in the first place well if u live in egypt (I thought you lived in the US) then this is a difficult situation after all females r second class citizens in the middle east. not meant 2 b a put down 2 u guys but its true. look up womens shelter in egypt or where ever you live on your computer theres bound 2 b 1 there somewhere there usually run by forieners to my knoledge theres not many avenues u can take in the middle Im sure if u go to the cops tell them what your brother has been doing they will do something about that but theres still the problem of your mother which is difficult to deal with Im not that familliar with egypt.put a msg where u come from might make it easier 2 deal with

  51. could u rite a msg if ur still alive suicide girl. I’ll check back in 2-3 days if u havn’t msged back by then then i will asume u have toped urself poor girl.if something has been done leave msg on here either way i want to know.

  52. Sometimes when we are feeling alone, we confess mistruths for the hope of erecting fraudelent walls of security around us. I hope that isn’t the case here.

    If what you say is true, than you are a victim, you must decide if that is a condition or a characteristic. Assert change or be compliant with stagnance. It is your choice.

  53. Hey,girl,please give some reply.I m worried for you.R U OK?
    I have read abt you For the first time and want to know that U R OK or not?
    Please REPLY!!!!!!!

  54. What state do u live in? I’m 14. I’m trying to make sure your not someone i know in real life.

  55. ok this was posted ages ago and if you were serious about commiting suicide you wouldve done it by now your making these poor people feel sorry for you but i dont i have no sympathy

  56. elpoint is my 2 brothers are with me in school and bus and keeping eyes on me so they go and tell my parents all what happened but infact idint ask hel in school ifound it hard to me to say…..

  57. its nearly a month since you posted this,
    I believe you in a sense that you’re molested by your brother and you can’t either answer phone call, go out or make friends…
    but had you stopped schooling? maybe you can ask help there at school or on your way to school or way back home.
    perhaps there is a government agency in your country where you can seek help.

  58. iam14yrs right but iam not aloowed togoout of home 7ata my room and theydont allow me to have freinds or taik in the phone wana sabra w beside that my brother do that to me icannntt liveee:s:S:S

  59. This is my THIRD time posting here. I’ve been posting and reading all comments here day in and day out. You posted this last March 21 and I assume one of us has given you the answers to reach out and tell you… As a girl myself, I already had a hunch a week ago, even before Becky posted, that this might be a joke… and we still are hoping it isn’t. Protect yourself. Lock the doors and windows and get help with someone with a keen eye. They will give you tests in your private area to see if there is laceration and bruises around it… unless, you like it then there are no bruises or whatsoever be seen. You understand? You’re 14 right? There is nothing funny about it. I think you should go out there now and do at least something to help yourself.

  60. ur words made me ccry but iam veryafraid and once igo andtell sombody thewords stand onmy lips and cant go out

  61. I’ll say one more thing. If this is your situation (anyone out there) get help, and remember and BELIEVE that your situation IS NOT YOUR FAULT. No one will laugh, because it is serious. YOU DESERVE BETTER, YOU DESERVE A LIFE.

  62. After reading all of the comments I would have to agree with Becky and assume that this could in fact not be true. As Becky said, if it is, just do what the people above said.

    But if you are in fact lying, then you are destroying what this website is made for. and I would be extremely disappointed that ANY person would have the audacity to make a joke about something so serious.

  63. iswaer to god iam not kidding or faking stories walahi iamdying and cant standup on my legs agaiiinnn me7taga 7ad yes3dny weny bktb 3la sites cuz ifound taikng to stranger is better w 5sosan en ahly msh mes3den eny aklm m3hom

  64. I’m not sure this is real, so I’ll just give you two answers:-

    If this is real, follow the instructions others have gave. Contact the police or child services; they will be able to help.

    No offence, but sitting around posting on this website isn’t going to help. Go out and find help.

    And most importantly; SUICIDE IS NOT THE ANSWER!

    If this is fake, you are one twisted person. Begging for attention and symphony with some unbelievable story. Your the type that sicken me.

  65. Sorry, I’m the guy that posted earlier, how old is your brother ?

    I think I can gather a few guys to talk to him, peacefully at first, but if he continues to be a perv I think I can take care of him.

  66. People who don’t believe you are probably part of whole thing with your brother! (I hope not) it just frustrates me telling us no one will believe you. Nurses with keen eyes can easily assess a child who is abused. Doctors! Can even make test if your private area if it is torn or has bruises around it. That is proof! They can make test if the sprem of the guy is found in your private area. Know what I am saying? Psychologists! Counselors! Cops! These people are professionals! If you say your mother don’t believe you then fine.

  67. iam livingin egypthelpuful teen but sth he when itaiked to him he told me no one will belive u

  68. Can u forward me details of ur where abouts and let me see that if I can get in touch with the local authorities of your place to get things better.

    Suicide is no solution.

  69. ur bro is soooo disgusting…such a jerk…it’s a shame they’re are such ppl in da world. u r a gr8 kid and have a wonderful future ahead of u…don’t destroy it…
    first of, try talking to ur bro…i know it sounds cheesy and stupid…but it mite work out. if that does’nt work out then call child services or you can write to some magazines that help kids with their problems…by the way, in which place do u live?
    u can write go to this website –
    there is a column in the site to help people with problems, and it could really help proud and have confidence in yourself just keep praying to God,just asking him to help. and things will change :)…BUT DO NOT TRY TO DO ANYTHING DANGEROUS…

  70. listen to wat everyone is saying …CALL CHILD SERVICES or a similiar organisation dedicated to help victims of molestation.Trust me…they wont laugh at u. they’ll help.
    Please do not even try and consider suicide.
    u have a long life in front of u….u can make it beautiful if u want to.
    Stand up for ur rights…wat is happening to u is really really wrong. Fight against it and set an example.
    good luck sweetheart.

  71. hey….look at what everyone’s saying..GO TALK TO A COUNSELLOR…take a professional help . and believe me….they wont laugh at u.

    Wat is happening to u is bad…really really bad.
    Please try and stop it ASAP.
    U’ll only feel better the sooner it ends.
    and don’t even try and think of a suicide. It’s madness to waste ur beautiful life like that. plz.

  72. Please. Please. Please. Little Girl don’t do that.

    You know, believe in the Lord. He will help you that is for sure. Pray to him that all these things would stop and change.

    Pray to him that Your brother would change and realize his mistakes.

    Pray to him that you mother would be more caring to you.

    I will pray for you.

    1. ugh, i am so sick of people bringing christianity into fuckin everything. not telling anybody and praying to ‘god’ will not help it will only give you false hope. how could you seriously believe that the best thing for this poor girl to do is nothing? i’m sorry to any christians offended by me because i know that a lot of you are good. she needs to tell a REAL PERSON about this.

  73. hey you are a beautiful strong young lady and you can get over these bad times and succeed in life. NOBODY can keep you down. since i was a child i was physically abused and i made up my mid that i will get out. i am 25 now, it took lonnger than expected but i am purchasing my house soon. i know you can do it, you can and anytime you are feeling down send me an e-mail and we could chat. once you make up your mind to do better for yourself then you CAN DO BETTER!!! just look at how many people responded to your post, there are good people out there so talk to someone. you will get help

  74. hey girl my mum is realllyy idiot but my father idont trust him and my reltiveess aree worth millioon timessss!ughhhh

  75. someone thanks that u care but icant tell anyone cuz they make fun of me.i tried to protect myself alot but he can go from the door by his key and iwear heavy cloth while sleeping but he can alllso do it

  76. Eww! what your brother’s doing is sick! don’t do it! you’re life is ahead of you! seek professional help! not just anyone. once you seeked professional help they will do something. he is wrong! don’t do suicide please! how about locking the doors and windows while you are asleep? that way he has no way of entering your room! do your part! protect yourself!

  77. My best advice would be in this particular case is to call the police. Go stay with another relative whom you really do trust and tell them. If you have a father you must tell him. Sorry but your mom sounds like a total idiot.
    try to
    A. call the police
    B. tell a counselor at school, get out of class and tell her.

  78. guyssss icant stand upp itold 3 people but they didnt help they said soorry its so sensitive,,,,seeeeeeeeee iaammmm feelinnggg baaaaadd guyss..depressedd

  79. thhhxx u allll that u care for me plz give me ur mails to have long converstion with u all and to help me more plz and thanks so muchhh demi and sara and hamza and noname :)but guys icant get through it at all cuz when i taik to freind of her they tell her everything and if my mom saaw me with ateacher taiking she thinks that iam in love with him so she keeps hiting me and she dont feel anything

  80. Im 14 years old too.
    I know you will get through this , because you deserve better . You will grow up to be soo succesful and youll look back and be proud that YOU came all this way .
    This isnt the end , because you wouldnt of posted a comment if you didnt want help .
    dont give up .


  81. I cringed when I read your post. Please do not wait in silence! What happened to you is horrible and disgusting! Call sos and talk to someone, someone you trust and tell them whatever you want to about your situation!

    You are worthy to be saved, don’t let yourself go to waste. What about your dreams? Your good memories? Are you going to let this all go just because of the terrible things they are doing to you?

    I know you can do it, stand up and tell someone, please.

  82. i am agirl too i used to be depressed too when i was 14
    (i am almost 17 now) for reasons not compare to yours but the truth is that people can get really sick and disqusting..what you’re going through is so unfair and a shame cause it’s not your fault and no human should be treated that’s cruel and sick..
    you MUST tell someone because your depression will get worse and you might kill yourself for real…and you don’t deserve that.
    THEY don’t deserve to be alive so why are you the one to harm herself?
    please tell someone PLEASE
    call these sos-lines or talk to a teacher,
    or a priest, or a mother of a friend but PLEASE don’t sit in silence and wait for your suicide day..
    it’s such a sad thing and it’s so unfair
    cause you deserve a better life that you will never live if you kill yourself..
    so please don’t do it..

  83. listen, whatever you do, dont kill yourself, try and call child services, they will help you out, tell them everything, things will be alot better for you, tell the police about your brother, they should help, dont say you cant tell, you can your just afraid, dont worry nothing bad will happen, go to the police or child services, they will take care of you :)

    1. Get help! Call the police or child services! I can’t say how you are feeling and I don’t know but why should you give up your life when the problem is your mum and brother. Don’t let them have that power! xoxo stay strong and get help <3

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