3 thoughts on “I’m scared

  1. Please be brave enough to tell a loved one. That will end your loneliness. Maybe from there you can decide what, if anything you plan to do about your condition. Be well and be bold – call someone today.

  2. If you are young speak to your parents they might be annoyed or angry with you at first but they will soon be understanding and deal with the situation and talk you through it. If you do not wish to tell your parents just yet then a close family member will be just as good :)

    If this is not at all possible and you can go to the doctors then do that. I would act pretty soon though as your body will start to change and will be noticeable to people very soon. Also if you will be keeping the baby then you need to get the ball rolling with medications mid wives etc if you are not then you need to get the ball rolling in that direction before it will be to late.

    Hope this helped :)

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