8 thoughts on “I’m gay

  1. It might be terrifying to think about people finding out/you admitting that you’re homosexual, but there are a surprising amount of people who are tolerant/accepting of the homosexual community. I know this because I, too, am homosexual, and people have accepted that. There are bound to be a few people who will dislike you for it, but overall, you’ll get a weight off of your back that many people have carried for so long that they don’t even notice it until it lifts. It’s okay to tell people that you’re gay.

    1. Agree! You are so lucky you live in the year 2017, many people are cool with it and if they are not, screw ’em.

  2. It’s alright. Be the one who you truly are is not wrong at all. You may keep it as a secret first, ask how they feel about LGBT and observe how they react. Good luck!

  3. Hey I’m in the same boat. Can’t come out because everyone I know is homophobic asf. I know it’s not fun to hear, but stick it out until you can move out. Believe me, it will be so much better when you can live your own life and find people just like you. Best of luck from one gay to another lol.

  4. So keep the secret for now but please start actively working to support yourself so that you don’t have to continue being oppressed. If possible try to get into therapy and make friends with some discreet LGBT folk like yourself. Take care now.

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