I secretly Live here

i live in an apartment with my older sister and mom, its a one bedroom and the landlords know we have a dog. but they don’t know i live here to and there daughter lives next door to us. I’m so scared to leave for work or anything else and scared to come back, i’m afraid they will find out and kick us out. my name is on the lease but i scared to be homeless again, i just want my own room again and feel comfortable to come home every night after work. I’m never not afraid, i just want to be human again and not a shadow i want to end it all.

2 thoughts on “I secretly Live here

  1. Okay, since you’re on the lease, there should be no worries. No one can kick you out. Now be bold and make yourself come and go as if you deserve to live there. Even try knocking on the door of the landlord’s daughter and greeting her. When you confront your fears, they will go away. Take care now and hope that this helps a bit.

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