Once my Dad was really annoyed with my siblings, and was transferring it to me. Walking into a store, I asked if I could have something. He replied, in a low mutter as if talking to himself, with “It’s never enough. You know, your mother is the one who wanted to have kids.”
Thanks, Dad. 30 years later and I’m still scarred.

4 thoughts on “Unwanted

  1. Sometimes parents can say horrible things. Now that you’re grown, why not confront your father, forgive him, and forgive yourself for not telling him sooner, and move on with your life? Hope this helps. Take care.

  2. My father said the same exact words to the three of us. Let it go. He was a miserable man, very unhappy with himself. The only good thing that came out of that marriage was you!!! Get up and dust yourself off. He had his time and wasted it. Dont you waste yours!! You my Dear have a life to live.

  3. While this was a horrible thing for your father to say, I think that after 30 years it is time to use your head. Was your dad always this way? Was it a particularly hard time in his life? Was he just a jerk? Time to stop being scarred and put it into some perspective.

  4. Even in adulthood a little child still lives in us all. We clearly remember certain things said to us, the way we felt when Mommy had snack ready after school, the way we cried when the kid down the street pulled your hair, etc. Those things remain all through your life, you are not weird because it still hurts you. Did your Dad use words to hurt you often throughout your childhood or was this an isolated incident? Did you get what you needed emotionally from Dad when growing up? Our parents can be like God when you are a young child but hopefully, we can accept that they are all too human and have faults and scars of their own from THEIR childhood….you see how we pass these behaviors from childhood…it takes awareness and strength to break these patterns so that our children don’t have to be scarred by our “stuff”. Your Dad could have been stressed, tired, worrying about another matter and he took it out on you. That does not mean he didn’t love you or want you. It would have been great if he could have taken you aside later and apologized and hiven you a hug, but he didn’t and I’m sorry for that. Forgiving our parents for hurts we experience in childhood is tough sometimes, but if we work to do this we will be much more content with the past and truly be able to move on in adult hood.

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