Sometimes I really wish a normal life like others. I feel jealous seeing other having happy time with their family n friends. I must have committed a sin to get a life like this. U might be confused to know what kind of girl I am? Well I’m a non paid nurse for a stubborn patient. Actually I get paid through abuses she calls me. She’s my mum n ya she calls me every such names which is like poison for a simple girl. Not only that, I left my life just to take care of her like her mum.. I left studies, friends, college. Each n every thing just to make sure she gets fine like before. BT everything went over. Nothing is OK here. I’m trapped by her love, hate n responsibility. I wish I could have a break from all these.

4 thoughts on “Trapped

  1. It’s impressive that you tried to help. You are a nurse for your mother…is that correct? Is she quite elderly? They can be cantankerous and take advantage. You need to get someone else to help with her care, you matter too. Don’t feel guilty either.

  2. I understand that despite all these humiliations you are not willing to leave your mother on her condition otherwise you would have left her long ago.
    Though she doesn’t deserve you, she is so lucky to have a daughter like you. I wish she could understand how much you love her. Or maybe she does, could be that all this anger is not on you but on her condition. She just doesn’t find a way to make this anger come out of her mind other than cursing you.
    Whatever the case is, you are trapped in this situation with no solution other than accepting your fate. I just pray you come out of this phase of your life as soon as possible.

  3. You can certainly break out of feeling trapped. Please consider getting into therapy so that you can begin to tackle some of the things that you feel are holding back? Good luck to you.

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