This world is cruel

I can’t stand this life anymore. My mother just got diagnosed terminal cancer, and my sadistic father is always whining that how she’s wasting our money even tho she’s gonna die in the end. He makes cancer jokes right in front of her. It hurts to see her in so much pain. My father’s planning to remarry shortly after her death. He never showed any empathy towards her, it just hurts to know that the man she loved the most doesn’t gives a shit about her. I don’t know what to do anymore. No one deserves cancer! My mother was my only friend and now she’s gonna die.. :,( I’ll never get over it, NEVER! maybe I’ll just kill myself on my 17th birthday

3 thoughts on “This world is cruel

  1. This is really bad advice but if it were me, I won’t kill myself. I’d make him pay. Make his life hell. Sabotage his relationship with the new woman. Mess with him till he’s crawling on his disgusting knees and beg for forgiveness. Then walk all over that apology.

  2. Don’t ever try to kill yourself. It won’t solve or improve anything. You can live on and have a good life and that’s what your mother would want for you. So sorry to hear that your mom is ailing. May God bless and comfort you. Please try to get into therapy so that you can go on and live a happy and productive life. You’ll also learn there how to stand up to your father. Take care now and let us know how things work out.

  3. That’s crazy but suicide is never the answer to anything and it would hurt your mom if you kill yourself

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