4 thoughts on “Thank god

  1. I knew somebody who killed himself once. I was relieved too. He had no friends his daughter had also killed herself a year before. He had nothing to live for. He was sick with diabetes, an alcoholic. And always sad. No pleasure in life. He was;t a bad person but he was draining to be around. Really hard. Medication did nothing at all for him. It was a relief for him when he went. And for me too. It doesn’t matter how I came to know him, just that it is not always uncompassionate or bleak hearted to be glad that somebody has died.

  2. Damn that’s kind of disturbing.. I hope he went somewhere where people will love him and he will get the help and forgiveness he needed here that no one had it in them to give him..

  3. And you must also be glad that you posted this. Sometimes when people kill themselves, there is nothing that we could have done to help them.

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