I am so absolutely sick of cleaning this house. I hate picking up toys. I hate cleaning up poop from the new puppy. I hate waiting on everyone every two seconds. I just want to spend an entire week alone. No kids, no husband, no dog.

I want to eat whatever I can – as much as I can. I hate being reasonable about my food and, well, come to think of it I hate being responsible for a lot of things. I just want to be free of all this nonsense. I just want to be left alone. Is that really the worst thing in the world to ask for?

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  1. cant take much more. been a stay at home dad for bout 7 years(since 19) how much is to much? i ask myself that way to often it hurts to know im going to wake up and do it again, how much is to much? im only 1 guy not super man

  2. well your life is yours, sell your stuff go travelling for a few years, have a good life not one spent cleaning

  3. I am so tired of being the go to person. I feel horrible for feeling like my children are burdens! Mommy this, mommy that, I want to scream LEAVE ME THE $#@^ ALONE, GEEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Often I feel life would be better if I’d refrained from motherhood. I can kick myself in the %^$ for my less than thought out decision to have children. I thought I was ready its 8 years later and I feel like throwing in the towel. I just feel completely overwhelmed. I’m the hair dresser, the chef, the tutor, the entertainment, the sympathizer/empthazier, the best friend, the mean lady, the responsible one, ect.


    I want to acknowledge my feelings and move forward in peace and not resentment! I’m praying and doing my best to take it one day at a time. Each sunrise I get a chance to stay calm, patient, and loving too my children. GRACE and MERCY is my prayer.

  4. How many times did you use the word “I” in your little confession. Grow up and take on your responbility!

  5. I stay at home with my kids too and it hard. But it is also more rewarding than any job you could ever have. When the days get long or the kids are driving me crazy, I think about what I would be doing at another job. Pushing papers, taking care of other people’s problems or messes, etc. Every job has its stress, but this is the ONLY job in the world that I would imagine having right now. I’ll take the stress. I would rather have strangers doing those other jobs than raising my kids for me! It sounds like you do have some depression and should look into that. Staying at home is one of the hardest jobs in the world. You work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for the rest of your life. There are no bathroom breaks (not alone at least) or relaxing lunches with adults. But if you were at work think of all the kisses and smiles and fun times you would be missing with your kids! I wish you all the best!

  6. I suggest going to your doctor and getting a medical note saying that you need a break, a sick-note for the stay-at-home job as it were.

    That way your husband may see it as actually causing you harm, rather than the stereotyped womanly complaints.

    There is nothing wrong with wanting, and taking, the time to step back, breathe and sort out your head in quiet for once.

  7. I was a young bride, had baby after baby and baby. Seemed husband was baby #4 at times. He helped a bit here and there with the kids. I worked 1 day a week for the most part. It was my vacation in the middle of the week. Enough to refresh my brain. Divorced him after 15 yrs and now work full time and have all 3 kids myself. He is the every other weekend dad from 2 hrs away. So..tag, I AM IT !!! Get a small job if only for your sanity ! It will help as long as when you are not with the kids, you know 100% they are being taken care of. I miss more time with my kids, not the husband !

  8. You are not alone with that feeling. Sometimes I get sick of everyone being so needy of my time. Then when you need a favor you get nothing. In short maybe have husband help put a little more so you can have some much need alone time. About the food thing I can totally relate,sometimes i just want to eat myself silly & sometimes i do. Good Luck:)

  9. Have good relationship with your neighbour
    Find a hobby

    When your kids leave the house and your husband retires, it’s gonna be a lot more worth it, hang on.

  10. dont blame u at all im sick of the same shit i do everything around my house when everyone else just sits on their ass. i know where your coming from hang in there kids grow up eventually and as far as the husband theres always divorce which is probley what im looking at pretty soon

  11. alot of women feel that way from time to time.when you get to that point its time to take some time off. I am for the most part a busy man, but when my wife ask for some time I will do what I need to do to help her.I’m never too busy to help her.

  12. That’s about the most reasonable request any stay-at-home mom can make.
    you deserve a break.
    I’d consider bringing it up to my husband if I were you, you might have to settle for a middle ground; maybe you won’t get a whole week but three or four days off does the soul a lot of good, too.

    Wishing you luck getting a break.

  13. i stayed at home with my children when they were very young and it is harder that a “regular” job because you have no one to be accountable to, but you are accountable for…x,y,z, etc…EVERYTHING! so i agree with the comments above, get checked for depression and or…go get a more “structured” job

  14. You know I feel the same way a lot of the time. And as for what the commentor above said. I’m so sick of people saying oh its probably post partum depression. After awhile or years of crap its not always post partum depression. Its more of tired of having to do it all on your own and having to be on duty 24 hours a day and never getting a f****** break! Its more of being tired of not being respected b/c you don’t work and having all the responsibilities of everything by yourself ALL the time. Its got little to do with ppd after a while. Why can’t some one just b tired of the bullshit? And as for what most women want. That’s such a load of crap!not every woman wants the same thing. And even if they did want kids. That doesn’t mean they can’t b unhappy every once n awhile!

  15. You feel trapped. But hey, take a look back into your life. You wanted a guy, you wanted to get married and most probably have a baby….you got what most women want. But the reality is, being at home is HARD, esp. if you dont have supportive friends and family. You are most probably suffering from Post Natal Depression – yes, depression too. Everything is too much trouble and black and you feel no end to a situation – thats what depression is like. You need some supportive female stay at home friends. Why dont you get a group together of women just like you who are going through ‘hell’, if I can put it that way. What would happen if you walked away, you would most probably loose everything, what about the kids. You need time to yourself; and you know what a Job for yourself, if you are able to work, is the best medicine, trust me. even if its only for a day a week. Put the kids to bed in the evening…make sure someone to watch over them, and go for a walk in a safe place…really during the day is better…get a bicycle and cycle and cycle your heart out, if kids at home…or put them in child care and take a couple hours free …trust me, there will be a change in your outlook. Go to Doctors, and get medication for this, and support group. I wont forget you…I know how you feel

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