Single mother stress

I’m a single mother, with an over involved mother, an recovering addict for a baby daddy and no real friends, I’m 21 and I love my son so much he’s my best friend he’s almost two, but we’re living with my mother who makes her opinion not only known but if you don’t agree she gets angry and kicks me out, I just took on a car payment and with that comes car insurance, I feel like I’ll never be able to have a place for just my son and I, I feel like I can’t breathe here if I try to pull the he’s my son I’m the mother card when making decisions in my or my sons life that she disagrees with she keeps on till it’s a full blown screening match and tells me it’s best if I go, then I sit in my old childhood room and cry thinking of where we’ll go and I have have to just bend to her will and apologize I feel like a failure, I just want space for me and my beautiful son but I feel like working at a convient store will never give me the money I need to be able to afford rent and my already bills… Wtf do I do?!

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  1. get a professional mediator for conflct resolution, she doesnt understand hat she is doing, chances are you and your son may not see eye to eye, but get a professional mediator, buy her some house plants when she gets mean, cant have too many

  2. If your living situation is that bad then you need to contact your local welfare office. You will probably qualify for housing assistance and food stamps. Meanwhile, enroll in community college and learn how to do something that might pay you a living wage.

  3. I am a single mother of one son by a recovering addict abusive father. I had my son at 25 and I am older but not much older. My mom also makes her opinions an criticms known and she undermines my authority in front of my son. It’s a point f contention an we’ve argued and it’s been realized that we can not live together.
    I moved into a homeless shelter, which is horribly embarrassing and had the opinion that if I had to be there, who’s family? Still do, but we have a relationship because understand that some people if you want them in your life you have to accept them because they won’t change.
    Anyway, I feel you. It hurts but you aren’t by yourself. I’d say no matter what just use condoms no matter how much you like any other man and make sure you don’t add children when you aren’t ready. Our babies aren’t burdens but they ain’t cheap either. I know a lot of men don’t like to but it really is YOUR life.
    I don’t have more advise because I’m still in the struggle. I hope we make it.

  4. You are incapable of being a good mother because you can’t even take care of yourself. Just get used to the fact that if you’re ever gonna be anything great, you gotta let your mom call the shots got now. Give up the car and save for your own place, get an education and a pay time job while you have the luxury of an evening babysitter who loves your child. Also, I strongly suspect that when you have disagreements with your mother it’s because you are putting yourself first, instead of the child. Just keep working on it until you can give your kid the kind of childhood you wanted.

  5. Let me tell you that I feel your struggle and pain. I know, seen, been there too. Screw it, cry, vent, bitch about it. But then pick yourself up and take care of business. Never ever victimize yourself; you’re better than that. We’re given these struggles in life for a reason. And the truth is every year there’s going to be something new to stretch us. Remember there are a lot of people going through the same problems. You’re strong and love for your son will carry you on, you got this!

    All right lets get down to business and be real about your problems. First problem your mother, is a control freak. So it’s pointless to argue with her. So I suggest you speak to her rationally and go with the flow. You’re wrong no matter what and just understand she’s like this. It’s temporary, remember that. Your baby dad, take that fool to court for child support. Screw it, he needs to take care of his responsibilities. And who cares if that affects if he wants you or not. He’s already left you in a horrible situation. And there’s no love there from him. No man gives you value, you do! As for finances and your living situation. Don’t take on any more debt. Take your ex to court for his part, he needs to pay. And see if you can get assistance from the government. No shame in it, I’ll gladly support single parents struggling to do better for themselves and raising good responsible kids. Apply for better jobs, or go to temp agencies and look for something that pays better. As for friends, that’ll come later. But to make friends, that’s simple. Don’t look to impress people, show love and compassion and friends will come. Last words. Don’t grow up like your mother, controlling everything and everyone in life. You’ll end up lonely and bitter if you do. You’re you and learn to be honest with yourself. I’m assuming your dad’s not in the picture. So with that don’t rely on men to determine your worth. Relationship is about growth for both of you, not for a men to show superficial love. This is temporary and your still young. You got this!

    “Baby please don’t cry! You got to keep your head up
    Even when the road is hard, never give up!”

  6. Sucky situation. Your mom knows that you essentially need her, so she leverages that at every turn. When people know that you need them, they tend to use that “power” for evil. She has to allow you to be a parent. Because if your son see’s that when you make a decision or tell him to do something and your mom basically overrules that, he’ll start to not respect your authority over him, because of your mom. Maybe a job working for the city/gov will get you enough money to suffice. I know they hire often and jobs come with good benefits. Don’t think they require college degrees, at least in some areas they don’t. Then find a program that charges you rent based off of your income instead of a set price that you can’t afford. Or find a roommate(online in your city). You are basically a tenant in your moms house, so you have to respect her rules, I just wish she wasn’t such a douche about it. I hope things get better. I’ve seen/heard this exact story a million times it seems. Young mother living at home with an overbearing mother who abuses her authority, a baby father who’s not helping with his share of responsibility, and the girl struggling to make ends meet. Shit is rough baby girl, but it’s not impossible to find a way.

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