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  1. I can’t believe what I am reading, I will bet most of this is from the woman’s prospective and not that of the child or the best interest or anyone else involved…. Regardless of the short term soap opera that occurs.
    I have been Enlighten in the last few years that a certain child maybe mine and after an argument she has cut of ties and I have no proof to nor ability to find out the true facts.

    This is something that haunts me every day of my life now and cannot explain the pain and anger I deal with over this on daily basis.. It’s absolutely UN necessary – The child has the right to know for multiple reasons not only medically speaking but the right to know true blood father and family.

    These are the most selfish and cowardly response and comments I have ever read… re think your position all children have the right to know the Facts….

    Worried about child support and non-sense….you should hang yourself! Really, worried about having to return cash because you had to continue the lie and feel the need to do that further — Its disgusting – New York

  2. I’m also in your situation. I began to really have doubts after my son grew up, and has mannerisms that are the same as the other guy’s. It was an honest mistake, as I had been in a relationship with his “father” for four years that was on the way to ending, and only slept with the other guy a few times – on birth control, I might add. Yes, some people do get pregnant on the pill. When I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend and I had a “shotgun” wedding at my mother’s insistence. We never lived together, and I moved back home and hardly ever saw him while I was pregnant. He did not even come to the hospital when our son was born, but the other guy did. However, he warmed to the baby and always paid child support and was an excellent father to my son. I always hoped we would get back together. The other guy moved away, so I didn’t see him much anymore. My boyfriend and the other guy looked kind of alike, so it wasn’t a problem when my son was growing up. I do still live in fear that my bf (or someone else) will see what I see. As a matter of fact, my mother has mentioned it. And, as the two guys were best friends, well…
    Anyway, Qoren is right. I will NEVER NEVER EVER bring this up to anyone. It would ruin my son’s life, as he’s very close to his “father”. Also, I took the child support all those years, and that’s a whole nother can of worms. I was deeply in love with my boyfriend, and it took a long, long time to get over him. My bf has had a happy life, has been married now for more than 20 years, and has another son. It would kill him too, but secretly I’m sure he knows. PLEASE keep quiet about this and, if like my situation it was an honest mistake, there is absolutely no need to bring it up.

  3. So how do you feel now that you’ve revealed this finally? Do you now plan to get a paternity test or just let it ride?

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